Huami Ov controls nearly 90percent of the domestic market to take stock of disappointed domestic brands

 Huami Ov controls nearly 90percent of the domestic market to take stock of disappointed domestic brands

Gone are the days when the citys head is changing.

On the one hand, the overall market scale ceiling of the exhausted dividend is declining, on the other hand, the market share of leading players is rising. After ten years of development, the domestic smartphone industry has formed an increasingly distinct and solid oligarchy pattern.

In the course of the development of this decade, many mobile phone brands, which have been in the leading position in the industry or have led the tide of public opinion, have gradually left our sight.

Jinli: from the top four to bankruptcy liquidation

Last November 23, Interface News released an in-depth manuscript The Mystery of Jinlis Death in the Re-offer, in which Chairman Liu Lirong of Jinli lost more than 10 billion yuan in gambling exploded like a deep-water bomb, directly pushing the old domestic mobile phone giant Jinli to the top of the storm.

2002, Liu Lirong, 30 years old, founded Jinli mobile phone. At the beginning of his birth, Jinli had no mobile phone production license, and could only use the brand of Tian Shi Da to do the OEM business.

Jinli, who has tasted the sweetness, has been actively launching advertising marketing, and its sales volume has risen all the way to the end of the functional machine market. In 2010, it was also the year when smart phone brands such as millet, glory and vivo were established. The sales volume of Jinli Mobile has been only behind NOKIA and Samsung. Machine brand head chair.

In fact, even in the new battlefield of smartphones, Jinli also occupied a place. In 2014, Jinli still shipped about 20 million units worldwide, including nearly 4 million units in India, which was the total sales of all other Chinese mobile phone brands in the Indian market at that time, and became the sixth largest mobile phone in India. Brand.

To some extent, the rise of smartphone brands is the driving force behind Jinlis decline, while the Rashomon incident, which resulted in the rupture of the corporate capital chain caused by the chairmans gambling, is the last straw to crush the camels.

Liu Lirong, Chairman of Jinli Group

Although Liu Lirong admitted that he had misappropriated funds from Jinli to gamble on Saipan Island, the specific amount of misappropriation from more than one billion to nearly ten billion has not been determined.

What followed was just the inevitable process of the collapse of a giant company: in January last year, the 41.4% ownership of Jinli Chairman Liu Lirong and the property of his husband and wife were frozen by the court; at the end of March, Jinli Industrial Park announced the layoffs of tens of thousands of employees; in late September, nearly 50 small and medium-sized suppliers gathered at Jinli Headquarters to defend their rights and ask for arrears; At the end of last year, the Shenzhen Intermediate Court accepted Jinlis bankruptcy liquidation application.

So far, there are only two ways left for Jinli: bankruptcy liquidation or bankruptcy reorganization.

It is interesting to note that Jin will soon release two new mobile phones M11 and M111s, which are pointed out by industry insiders to pay off debts and preserve brand value. Whether it can really stage a lean camel is bigger than Ma Da is another story.

Meitou: From Focusing on the Minority to Returning to the Rapids

In late April this year, Meitou issued a farewell letter with a literary flavor, formally authorizing the mobile phone business, including patented technology, brand equity and so on, to millet as a whole.

This has become a microcosm of the status quo of the smartphone brands that are mainly playing small and beautiful in the competitive situation of the Red Sea in the smartphone market.

In May 2013, Meitu Kiss released its first self-timer smartphone, which was developed independently. In October of that year, it was renamed Meitu Mobile 1. Since then, new products have been released steadily at the rate of 2-3 models per year.

The advantages of Meitou mobile phone are that it has the same vision as Meitous service to consumers for beauty. The product has a highly recognizable appearance and powerful photography and imaging related functions, which can often win the yearning of countless young girls.

In the words of Wu Xinhong, CEO of Metro, when releasing the first Metro mobile phone, I didnt want to subvert the industry and enter the entrance, just want to make a self-recording artifact that can make a phone call.

But the minority is also a double-edged sword. It not only represents a high degree of control over the precise user group, but also means that as long as the shipment volume does not come up, all efforts will be in vain. The Meitou mobile phone is on the new line, its products are competitive, and even the pricing is profitable. Every time the new machine is listed in the top ten. In the sky, the second-hand trading platform of idle fish also increases money for resale.

This is also in the decision to shut down the mobile phone business, authorized to millet, Wu Xinhong said frankly, due to its small size, Meitou mobile phone business can not cope with the increasingly fierce price war in the industry, with the decline in mobile phone shipments, loss has been paid surface.

Meizu: From the Grace of Knowing and Meeting to the Disharmony of the Commander-in-Chief

In late July of this year, more than two months after rumors of resignation sparked heated discussions in the industry, Li Nan, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of Meizu Science and Technology, sent a message on the social network confirming that he had left Meizu. So far, Bai Yongxiang, Yang Yan and Li Nan, the three swordsmen of the Meizu nationality, have all stepped down.

Responding to this, Meizus mobile phone sales dropped sharply from 22 million in 2016 to 4.05 million in 2018 (according to IDC data), which accounted for only 1% of the domestic market share and was properly included in the other camp.

Starting from MP3 and speaker products in 2002 and transforming the mobile phone industry in 2008, Meizu has been in shabby condition for several years, but at the peak of the scenery, it makes people sigh.

Behind this, perhaps the most intuitive reason is the discord between Huang Zhang, the head of the enterprise, and the core management composed of Bai Yongxiang, Yang Yan and Li Nan.

From left: Huang Zhang, Li Nan and Yang Yan

According to media reports, in the year from August 2014 to August 2015, Meizu achieved a total sales of more than 20 million units, an increase of 350% over the same period last year, and entered the top 10 domestic mobile phones. In these growth, the sales growth of Meizu products led by Li Nan actually accounted for 70%.

But Huang Zhang prefers high-end products with profit margins, not hesitating to stop Phantom Blue.

For example, when setting the sales target of Meizu 16, Huang Zhang crossed Li Nan and doubled the number set by the latter directly, which led to the prolongation of the delivery cycle and brought serious pressure on the capital chain.

But Li Nan faded out of business line after he could not wring his arms and thighs. In retrospect, he had already decided to go. Huang Zhang was very dissatisfied with this attitude, and their gratitude for meeting gradually changed.

Maybe there are still different reasons for the disagreement between the core management of Meizu, but when the enterprise enters the downhill road, it must be the most powerful person who needs to stand out.

On the other hand, Meizus Aircraft and Sea Tactics launched in 2016 by issuing 14 new models also exposed more problems of the brand, which consumed Meizus original product characteristics and made its product positioning very confusing. The growth of product sales did come from the struggle of Meizus processors in the low-end market, but it was beneficial. Running is delayed, and high homogeneity of product characteristics also makes many models of their own into the dilemma of internal strife.

Fortunately, Meizu was injected by Zhuhai SASASAC in May this year. Although it is not yet on the verge of extinction, the road to self-rescue is still long and tortuous.

At the beginning of August, Nubia released its latest flagship Z20 this year. As of September 16, more than a month later, its online sales were so bad that it was beyond imagination. Jingdong Platform only got 3100 + evaluation, while Tianmao Platform only sold 1277 units a month.

Generally speaking, the first month after the launch of new smartphone products should be the most critical period for sterilization. With the passage of time, the popularity of new products will continue to decrease, and other brand competitors will come on the market one after another. The growth rate of sales will only be slower and slower.

Lets put the time back to 2009, when China entered the era of 3G, the three major operators have a large number of subsidies for purchasing mobile phones, making operators the largest channel of mobile phone shipment.

With the emergence of millet in 2011, an important shot of Internet mobile phones was fired, and China Cool Alliance launched sub-brands to follow up, but compared with Huawei Glory, which now ranks among the top three market positions in the industry, ZTE Nubia, also born with the golden spoon, is the peak when it comes out.

Nubias official sales volume in 2015 exceeded 10 million. By 2016, its official sales data were not published. The third party speculated that it would not exceed 1 million units. According to the TOP20 list of Chinas mobile phone brand sales, which was not issued by the First Mobile Industry Research Institute in August, Nubias market share was only 0.1%. Based on this, it can be estimated that the annual sales would be no more than 500,000 units. u3002

On the one hand, the product positioning of Nubia is not clear. It was born to compete with millet at first. The main user group should be young users, while the product positioning corresponds to Internet mobile phones. However, Nubia regards itself as a high-end mobile phone brand, competing with Apple and Samsung in technology and brand. Under the background of backwardness in marketing and other aspects, Nubian naturally cant get any good fruit to eat.

But after wasting a lot of time in the high-end market, Nubian who returned to the middle and low-end market encounters the embarrassing situation that Millet, Glory, OPPO and vivo, which have already taken a firm foothold in this field, stand on the high ground of usersminds.

This can be seen only from the low performance-price ratio of its products. Take Nubian Z20, which sells for up to 3499 yuan, as an example, the price of Meizu 16sPro, which is comparable to its hardware configuration and functional services, is only 2699. Even if we put aside the popularity and reputation, the price difference of up to 800 yuan under the same configuration is enough to make people unable to see the choice of Nubian Z20. The reason for Biya.

On the other hand, besides being criticized by users for several years before being effectively solved, Nubian brand and marketing ability is also very weak. Although it signed Cro as brand spokesperson in 2016, it has not made any waves among the young people who are increasingly becoming the mainstream consumer group.

Its follow-up brand marketing is also more weak, neither like OPPO, vivo to continue to promote star endorsement marketing methods, nor as Huawei, millet generally cultivate core fans with high loyalty users.

Noubias ambition to revitalize its mobile phone business is fading.

Hammer: From Public Opinion to Disintegration

Since its birth, the domestic mobile phone brand has always been on the top of the public opinion. Im afraid the only one is the hammer.

This is of course closely related to its founder, Luo Yonghao. It can be said that every new product launch under the leadership of Luo Yonghao, who has a large number of emotional fans in China, will arouse much more attention and heated discussion than Hammer brand influence.

Luo Yonghao, who is firmly labeled as an idealist, founded Hammer Technology in 2012, released Smartisan OS in 2013 and Smartisan T1, the first smartphone product, in May 2014.

The founders personality has a great influence on the enterprise, which is actually a double-edged sword. On the one hand, hammer technology has been living in the spotlight since its birth, on the other hand, some problems encountered in its development process are also closely related to this.

Taking Smartisan T1 as an example, some media reports pointed out that many problems found in the mass production of this product had been raised in hammer technology in advance, but because no one could convince Luo Yonghao, many stringent requirements can not be achieved on the assembly line -- Taka supplier card so Strictly, the supplier cant deliver the goods.

As a result, it took Smartisan T1 four months to achieve normal production capacity, missed the sales window directly, and the flight rate of scheduled flights had approached 90% by late September 2014. Luo Yonghao had to choose to sell at a lower price, which he had previously insisted would not be reduced, which quickly triggered another round of public opinion rebound.

In this way, it is not difficult to understand the decline of the hammer. The head of the company has unparalleled control and influence. His ultimate pursuit of the product can not be said to be wrong, but ignores the gap between idealization and engineering that a product wants to produce, and when the problem accumulates little by little, it must be admitted that there is a gap between idealization and engineering. Tired up, the embankment of thousands of miles will eventually collapse in the ant cave.

Lets not forget that in the Red Sea competition situation of the smartphone market in China, it is normal for the brand to enter or retreat.

After this year, the sound of byte bouncing purchase hammer has been heard all the time. The rumor was confirmed in late April. Some patent rights, including Smartisan OS, and some hammer teams, including Vice President Wu Dezhou, have officially merged into todays headlines.

Not long ago, byte beating was revealed to be developing a new smartphone product under Wu Dezhous responsibility. The headline response confirmed the relevant reports. Before the byte beating acquisition hammer technology team, the hammer was planning the phone internally. Mobile phone project is more to continue the previous planning, to meet the needs of the old hammer mobile phone users.

Interestingly, both Luo Yonghao himself and Hammer Technologiesofficial microblog of Nut Mobile phones have indicated that they will launch new phones this year.

In any case, disintegration seems to be the end for hammer technology.


Looking back, the dividends brought by mobile internet, whether technological or demographic, are the fundamental reasons for the rapid development of this industry in the past few years. With the disappearance of the dividends, the era of market increment has come to an end, and everything is quite different.

In a word, when the tide is high, everyone will follow it. This is the power of the trend, not your credit. When the tide is low, people who dont wear swimming trunks will be embarrassed one after another.

Source: Responsible Editor of Interface News: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541