Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Strive to exceed 5 trillion yuan in the total scale of the elderly goods industry in 2025

 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Strive to exceed 5 trillion yuan in the total scale of the elderly goods industry in 2025

The manufacturing industry of apparel, household appliances, electronics and electrical appliances is old.

Age industry is an important part of the industry. Promoting the Development of the Old-age Articles Industry is the Expansion of the New Age

The important measure of large consumption is the inevitable requirement to satisfy the peoples needs for a better life.

With the further deepening of the aging of the population in China, the growing number of elderly groups

Demand for old-age articles is growing rapidly, and the market vitality of old-age articles in China is not yet full.

It is difficult to satisfy the diversified consumption needs of the elderly group by means of effective supply capacity.

Ask. To actively respond to the aging of the population to provide a solid material guarantee, guide the elderly

High-quality development of commodity industry, cultivating new growth points and new initiatives of the elderly commodity industry

Yes, I would like to make the following comments.

I. Guiding Ideas, Basic Principles and Development Goals

Guided by Xi Jinpings Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

Fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress of the CPC and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth Central Committee, and implement new developments

Develop ideas, deepen supply-side structural reform, and implement innovation-driven development strategy.

Give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, cultivate leading and backbone enterprises, and enrich them

Product variety, product quality improvement, product brand creation and gradual improvement


The old-age goods industry system should enhance the industrial supply capacity to adapt to the aging society.

Continuously meet the growing diversified and multi-level consumption needs of the elderly.

(2) Basic Principles

Market-oriented, government-led. Give full play to the decisive role of market in allocating resources

To mobilize the initiative and creativity of all kinds of market participants. Better Exertion of the Government

In the role of strategy, planning, policy formulation and market supervision, to stimulate industrial development

Improve supply, improve quality and increase efficiency. Focusing on Increasing Varieties, Improving Quality and Creating Brands

Key Tasks: Promoting Supply-side Structural Reform and Supporting Enterprise Development to Adapt to the Aged

Products and Services Demanded by Consumers to Enhance Effective Supply Ability and Improve Supply Quality

And efficiency.

Innovation leads and integrates development. Vigorously cultivate the main body of market innovation and improve production

Innovation of technology and service mode. Deepening Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Manpower

Intelligence and the development of elderly goods industry integration.

(iii) Development Goals

The basic establishment of the industrial system of annual necessities, the growing scale of the industry and the sustained market environment

Innovation ability has been significantly enhanced. Expenditure on Research and Experimental Development of Key Enterprises

The proportion of main business income is more than 4%. Technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body

Further improvement, accelerated development of product, technology and business model innovation, and intelligent system


Manufacturing, service manufacturing and Internet + collaborative manufacturing have made positive progress.

Product quality standards, inspection, certification and accreditation systems are gradually in line with international standards.

The consistency of major varieties in key areas with international standards is more than 85%.

Brand building has been accelerated. Brand Value Added, Market Impact and Consumers

With the continuous improvement of recognition, the number of brands in key areas has increased significantly, and regional brands are growing rapidly.

Rapid development, establish a brand system to meet the needs of the market.

Sound, market supervision has been steadily strengthened, and the governments public service capacity has been significantly improved.

Market competition order and consumption environment have improved significantly.

II. Development Direction

(1) Food for the Aged

In view of the physiological characteristics of the elderly, vigorously develop the various dietary uses as a daily diet

Easy-to-eat food and nutritional formula food for the elderly, serving families, community centers,

Convenience stores, pension institutions, ordering meals and other different consumption channels and consumption scenarios.

For pre-packaged special meals, fast food products, standardized meals, substitute food

And other products. Developing nutritional supplementary food for the elderly, supplementing the diet of the elderly is not easy to ingest

Input of nutrients, improve the health level of the body. Actively Develop Health Care with Specific Functions

The health food for the aged, which can or for the purpose of supplementing vitamins and minerals, is satisfied.

Specific functional requirements. Encouraging Chinese Medicine Enterprises to Focus on Chinese Traditional Medicine Literature

Make full use of the same origin of medicine and food, the characteristics of medicine and diet, and combine with the special nourishing diet in some areas

Habit, promote the development of characteristic Chinese medicine health food. According to the epidemiological survey


The development of prescription food for senile patients should be based on the changes of disease spectrum in China.

(2) Drugs and medical devices

In view of common and endemic diseases in the elderly, we should develop new and special drugs for the elderly.

Rehabilitation AIDS and instruments, implantation of interventional medical materials, etc. For senile degeneration

Sexual osteoarthritis and so on, focusing on the development of clinical urgently needed, new patent expired drug imitation

Drugs to improve the accessibility of standing medicines for the elderly. Development of neurodegenerative diseases

Low immunogenicity, good stability, strong targeting, long-term efficacy and high bioavailability

New Special Drugs, Focusing on Targeted Therapeutic Drugs for Alzheimers Disease and Parkinsons Disease

Listing and industrialization. Accelerating artificial intelligence in combination with the characteristics of elderly diseases and rehabilitation needs

Integration of New Technologies such as Energy, Brain Science and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation Aids

To enhance the ability of assistant therapy and rehabilitation, we should focus on the development of exoskeleton robots.

Bionic prosthesis, cognitive impairment rehabilitation care equipment, artificial joints and spine, 3D beating

Orthopaedic implants, tissue-organ-induced regeneration and repair materials, implanted left ventricle

Ventricular assist device, brain pacemaker, cochlear implant, ophthalmic intraocular lens

Rehabilitation aids such as body, hemodialysis membrane and medical materials.

(3) Health management products

To meet the needs of healthy old-age care in different scenarios, such as family, community, institution, etc.

Exhibition of wearable health management equipment, portable health monitoring equipment, self-help health care

Kang manages products. Focus on developing healthy bracelets, smart watches and wearable monitoring devices

For blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, sleep and other physiological parameters and health

State information is monitored in real time and continuously to realize on-line real-time management and early warning.


Focus on the development of self-service intelligent health testing equipment for communities and public places.

Actively Develop Intelligent Monitoring and Observation Beds for Family and Institutional Old-age Care

Terminal. To meet the needs of helping the elderly and the disabled, we need to develop assistant robots for the disabled.

It will be commercialized and applied clinically. Develop housework around personal and family life needs

Robots, Assisted Care Robots, Emotional Care Robots, Entertainment and Leisure Machines

(4) Textile and apparel apparel

According to the physiological characteristics, psychological needs, health status and life cycle of the elderly

Enhancing the functionality and convenience of clothing and textile products for the elderly, such as environment, etc.

Comfort and fashion design, focusing on clothing fabrics, style structure, appearance

Improvements were made in color and auxiliary devices. Strengthen the moisture absorption rate of old garments

Functions of drying, easy nursing, stretching and rebounding, and design of suitable old structure. increase

The Application of Photosensitive Material, Anti-ultraviolet Material and High Performance Fiber in Senile Garment

Use, develop clothing with the function of safety protection, heat storage and warmth preservation. Through wisdom

Energetic design and application of intelligent materials to increase the sensing aids of clothing and apparel

Wear smart clothes. Developing comfortable and functional home textile products

The product has the properties of water repellency, air permeability, bacteriostasis, deodorization, health care and so on. open

Pad, nursing wet towel, ulcer rehabilitation textiles and other nursing textiles.


Facing the daily needs of the elderly, highlighting details and humanization

Test, develop presbyopic, hearing aid, crutches and other visual and hearing aids, and excrete

Special requirements of practicability, comfort and safety should be developed.

Cookers, integral cabinets, liftable wash table, sitting shower, constant temperature flower sprinkler,

Barrier-free bathtub, liftable toilet and other products. Combining the Physical Function of the Elderly

Characteristics and habits of life, the development of sit-and-lie furniture with the function of help-up, sit-and-lie

Products, cabinet furniture products with lifting and lighting functions, with security

Reliance furniture products with protective functions, etc. Optimizing Intelligent Home Environment and Developing Intelligence

Lighting, intelligent speaker, intelligent toilet and other new aging smart home products.

Considering the physiological characteristics of the oral cavity and skin of the elderly, and combining with Chinese traditional medicine

Pharmaceutical Nursing Culture, Research and Development of Chinese Herbal Toothpaste and Mouthwash Using Functional Plant Materials

Oral cleaning products and elderly people with skin conditioning, moisturizing and antioxidant functions

Wash and care cosmetics. Developing family mix to meet the needs of the elderly for recreation and physical fitness

Fitness equipment, jogging machine, walking machine and other household fitness equipment, walking machine, waist and back

Massage, joint exercise machine and other outdoor path equipment, cultural appliances such as the four treasures of the study

And three strings, zither, erhu and other instruments.

Combining with the behavioral characteristics and limitations of the elderly, we should develop aging-friendly color TV and TV sets.

Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, rice cookers, microwave ovens, purifiers,

Household appliances such as sweeping robots can enhance the functions of voice control and one-button automation.

Enhance product safety, ease of use and intelligence. With practicability and ease of operation


To fundamentally develop smart phones, computers and so on that meet the audiovisual habits of the elderly, and

Provide anti-fraud and health through pre-installed software and services


(2) Accelerating the Construction of Standard System

Comprehensive sorting out and perfecting the standard system of related fields in the elderly goods industry, facing

Nutritional formula food for the aged, nutritional supplement food for the aged, functional textiles, health care

Health Monitoring Products, Home Service Robots, Rehabilitation Auxiliaries, Old Wisdom

In the fields of household appliances and household appliances, a number of key products and technologies need to be revised.

Technical standards should be strengthened to adopt international standards. Encouraging Development Has Leadership and Promotion

Column 1 Key Core Technologies

Old age food. Enhanced Metabolomics, Evidence-based Medicine and Big Data Technology in Gerontology

Integrative application to strengthen dietary structure, nutritional components of food, promote digestion and absorption, regulate intestinal flora and increase

Research on strengthening bone mineral density and improving immunity, breaking through the efficient delivery of functional components and healthy food

Precision manufacturing and other key technologies.

Drugs and medical devices. Focus on developing large-scale and high-expression antibody production technology, antibody-coupled drugs,

New antibody preparation technologies, such as bifunctional antibody, long-acting preparation technology of recombinant protein, etc. Accelerate tissue induction

System. We will strengthen the research and development of key technologies such as preventive treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine, precise use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) compound, sustained and controlled release administration of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Health management products. Key breakthroughs include wearable monitoring, health Internet of things, health risk factors intervention, etc.

Key technologies to develop low-power, miniaturized intelligent sensing technology for intelligent health care products, large capacity,

Miniaturized energy supply technology and low-power, high-performance microprocessor.

Textile clothing and apparel. Speed up the technology of functional textile materials around the special needs of old peoples clothing for new materials

Breakthrough application of technique. Especially high performance fiber and composite materials, bio based fibers, gel anti knock materials, high

Industrialization and application of water absorbent resin materials, flexible wearable smart textile materials and other technologies.

Domestic appliances. Speed up the research and development of wireless radio frequency, embedded systems and other advanced intelligent home integration platform

Technology, focusing on research and development of integrated wiring, network communication, security, automatic control, audio and video transmission and other key issues

Technology, to achieve a one-stop smart home overall solution.

Electronic and electrical appliances. To meet the needs of the elderly for the ease of use of electronic and electrical products, voice control technology should be promoted.

Research and application of micro-computer fuzzy control technology and digital audio-visual technology to enhance the human-machine of aging electronic and electrical products

Barrier-free interaction performance.


Promoting the Group Standards, Perfecting the Transformation Mechanism of Group Standards and Forming the Government-led

Making new standards for coordinated development and coordination with those independently formulated by the market


(3) Improving the level of quality assurance

Centering on the development trend of market segmentation in the six major fields of the elderly goods industry, we should improve the quality of the products.

Starting with the efficacy, performance, safety and appearance design level of the aged articles, combining production

Modularization and integration of product production and manufacturing drive intelligent manufacturing and flexibility

Innovation and development of new manufacturing modes such as manufacturing and network manufacturing. Strictly Implementing Enterprise Quality

Responsibility of Quantitative Subject, Promoting and Applying Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management and Excellence

Advanced quality management technologies and methods such as performance-based management, quality comparison and quality attack

Activities such as customs clearance, quality improvement, etc. Construction of Standardized and Specialized Third Party Quality Measurement

Column 2 Building Standard System

Old age food. Refinement of convenience food, nutritional formula milk powder, milk beverage and other different categories of elderly food

Standard formulation, providing clear quality constraints, and promoting product standardization.

Health management products. Establishing the product standard of health care equipment and establishing unified equipment interface and data grid

Standards of type, transmission protocol, detection and measurement, etc. Priority should be given to blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen, rhythm and electrocardiogram.

Textile clothing and apparel. Improving the Standards of Key Products, Focusing on Promoting the Safety and Function of Clothing Fabrics and Products

Criteria for the identification and evaluation of competence shall be encouraged to publicize relevant standards by third-party organizations.

Domestic appliances. Research on the design standards of raw and auxiliary materials, materials, functions and appearance of suitable old furniture products

Safety standards for mechanical properties, hazardous substance limits, etc. Improving the kitchen and sanitary products and intelligence of the elderly

To upgrade the safety, functionality and intellectualization of the products by the industry standards of household and recreational equipment

Level of chemistry.

Electronic and electrical appliances. Determine the safety, function and performance of intelligent household appliances for the elderly

Establish general technical standards for aging intelligent household appliances to achieve system compatibility and credibility among different brands

Information sharing and interconnection.


Test platform, carry out quality evaluation, verification and certification of old age articles, and formulate old age products

The testing and evaluation methods of information and privacy security of annual products.

(4) Promoting the Application of Intelligent Products

Accelerate the new generation of AI, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc.

Research and development of key technologies such as interaction, intelligent operation and multi-computer cooperation to enhance rehabilitation assistance

Column 3 Improve Quality Assurance Level

Old age food. Guiding enterprises to establish traceability system of food quality and safety for the aged and to build traceability information of food quality

Integrate and encourage the establishment of demonstration centers for quality and safety testing technology in food enterprises.

Drugs and medical devices. Improving the quality of generic drugs for the elderly, combining the quality of generic drugs with the treatment

Effectiveness consistency evaluation can improve the production technology and quality control level of the preparation. Strengthening Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Application of technology to improve the performance of rehabilitation aids in intelligent service and personalized adaptation.

Animal products upgrading.

Health management products. Accelerate the development of high quality health management products according to the characteristics of networking and innovation

Product line and intelligent factory construction. From the point of view of safety, stability and convenience, human comfort should be developed.

Assessment of ease of use.

Design ability and comfort, establish an intelligent production process including body measurement, design, fitting and production. Improve flexibility

Quality level of wearable textiles, new fibers and other materials, and standardization of product sensing, thermal insulation, antimicrobial, etc.

Functional requirements.

And quality on-line monitoring system, improve product stability and quality consistency. Constructing a number of countries or departments

Tripartite quality control and technology evaluation laboratory to promote product quality improvement.

Electronic and electrical appliances. In the field of aging household appliances and electronic products, relying on inspection and testing institutions, we will carry out our work.

The physical comparison test between domestic and foreign products is guided from the aspects of appearance design, function setting, performance parameters and so on.

Enterprises improve and upgrade, strive to close to or reach the level of developed countries in physical quality.


Appliances, health monitoring products, endowment monitoring devices, home service robots, can

The Intelligence Level and Practicality of Wearing Clothing, Household Appliances and Other Old Products

Sex and Safety, Develop Nursing Homes, Community, Hospitals, Families and Other Applications

The pilot project of Jing will build a batch of test, evaluation and application demonstration projects of intelligent products.

(5) Strengthening the Construction of Famous Brands

Guiding Enterprises to Strengthen Brand Strategic Management, Clear Brand Orientation and Promote Brand

The ratio of performance to price. Supporting brand enterprises to innovate business models, and large-scale pension institutions,

Cooperate with community, hospital and elderly cultural center to carry out unified bargaining and gathering

In the procurement, promote production and marketing docking. Encouraging local and trade associations to rely on industrial clusters,

National demonstration bases for new industrialized industries, etc., actively cultivate regional brands

A mature industry to prepare brand development report. Supporting the Exposition of Geriatric Goods

Brand activities such as competitions, effective communication channels such as new media, etc. should be used to strengthen the brand


(6) Cultivating Industrial Clusters and Demonstration

Encourage enterprises in key areas and industries to aim at food and health products, textiles and clothing

The application demand of six major fields, such as clothing, accelerating the key core technologies in key areas

Research and Development, Promoting the Combination of Government, Industry, Education and Research, Developing Local Characteristic Old-age Products Industry

Application demonstration. Supporting Local and Enterprise Organizations to Implement a Batch of Old-age Articles Industry

With projects, focusing on household appliances, health management products, home service robots, health

Foster a batch of characteristic industrial clusters of old-age articles in the fields of multi-assistant appliances, and give full play to them.

Fans leading role and radiation driving role in exploring the formation of a scalable and replicable industrial response

Use the model and business model to summarize the advanced experience in time and promote it to the whole country.

IV. Safeguards

(1) Strengthen communication and coordination and promote overall implementation of work

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Civil Affairs, State Health Commission and Market Supervision

The General Administration and other relevant departments should strengthen coordination and strengthen the management of policies, standards and industries.

To strengthen the guidance of local related work. Local and Provincial Provinces with Industrial Foundation

The competent departments of industry and information technology, together with the civil affairs, health and market supervision at the same level

The competent authorities shall formulate industrial planning and related policies and measures in light of actual conditions, and encourage their application.

Demonstration and model innovation, to effectively promote the development of the elderly goods industry, as in-depth

It should be an integral part.

(2) Increase investment in innovation and enhance product supply capacity

Making use of special funds for technological transformation, investment funds for advanced manufacturing industries, and the state

Existing funding channels, such as the Science and Technology Support Program, support key technologies and production of old-age articles

Research and development of products, transformation of achievements, service innovation and application promotion, cultivate and strengthen the backbone

Enterprise. Supporting the cultivation of small giant enterprises and countries with specialty, specialty and novelty in the field of geriatric articles

Enhancing the Cooperative Innovation and Key Commonness of Industry, University, Research and Medical Support in a Demonstration Enterprise of Technological Innovation

Technology industrialization. Encourage local governments to cooperate with social capital to establish industrial fund

Hold the innovative development of the old-age goods industry.

Establish a guide catalogue for Chinas elderly products to promote the application and promotion of high-quality products.


At the same time, the evaluation of the implementation effect of demonstration projects will be carried out. For a unique function or price

Priority should be given to upgrading and innovating consumer goods. Build publicity

Display platform to provide consumers with convenient consumer guidance. Establishing partial products

Insurance system, the trial purchase and use of rehabilitation aids subsidies, encourage

Support the local pension service institutions to carry out the rental service of rehabilitation aids. plus

Strengthen financing support for the elderly goods industry. Supporting the Public of Old-age Articles Industry Cluster

The construction of service platform, where conditions permit, purchasing clothes through the government according to their own conditions

Support the construction of public service platform in the form of business, free subsidy and business incentives.

(4) Optimizing the Consumption Environment and Cultivating and Regulating the Consumption Market

Establishment of standardized information service platform in the field of geriatric articles and improvement of geriatric articles

There is an urgent need to improve the efficiency of standard formulation and revision, and to enhance the support of standards for industrial development.

Use. Regulate market behavior, strengthen market supervision and crack down on counterfeiting and inferior products

The act of making and selling commodities. Increasing the number of trademarks, unique names of well-known commodities, packaging and decoration,

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights such as Designs and Patents for Inventions to Combat Infringement of Knowledge

Property rights and the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises shall be protected. Regulating drugs,

Advertising on medical devices, food and health products and related information publishing are strict.

Strive against false propaganda and false reports to create a healthy consumption ring for the elderly

Environment. Strengthen the propaganda, promotion and consumption guidance of the aged articles, and prosper the consumer market.

(5) Play the role of associations and improve the service capacity of industries

Give full play to the advantages of industry associations in familiarizing themselves with the industry and being close to the enterprises, and in policy

Research, Standard Revision, Publicity and Promotion, New Product Exhibition and International Exchange


Cooperation and other aspects play an active role in jointly promoting industrial development. Encourage trade associations

It will strengthen the research of industrial development trend and lead the high-quality development of the elderly goods industry.

Supporting trade associations to enhance service capacity, strengthen self-discipline, and organize and develop quality reputation

Promise and other activities to maintain good industry reputation, timely reflect the needs of enterprises, counter

Feedback policy implementation.