Trump unexpectedly appeared at the United Atmospheric Climate Action Summit and left 15 minutes later

 Trump unexpectedly appeared at the United Atmospheric Climate Action Summit and left 15 minutes later

US President Trump appears at the UN Climate Action Summit (Figure: Getty)

Overseas Network, September 24, local time, 23, the United Nations Climate Action Summit held in New York, was expected to be absent from the United States President Trump unexpectedly appeared at the venue, causing a lot of foreign media attention.

According to CBS, Los Angeles Times and other media reports, the first day of the UN General Assembly, climate issues are the focus of most countries. About 60 world leaders attended the one-day United Nations Climate Action Summit. On the same day, Trump focused on a smaller event, calling for activities to protect religious freedom at another venue 100 metres from the conference hall, which attracted criticism from Democrats and climate activists.

On that day, Trump unexpectedly stayed at the climate summit for 15 minutes, did not speak, only listened to Indian Prime Minister Moody and German Chancellor Angela Merkels speech, and then left.

Trump always seems to be in opposition to other countries on climate issues. In June 2017, he announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, a decision that has been criticized. In the past, he also chose not to attend climate-related meetings, such as the G7 Summit in 2018, in absentia from the Climate Change and Marine Protection Conference. Therefore, his temporary appearance at the Climate Action Summit has aroused public concern.

United Nations Climate Action Summit (Figure: USA Today)

At the meeting, UN Secretary-General Guterres called on participating countries to take concrete actions to address climate change. For a long time, he actively pushed for the end of new coal-fired power plants by 2020 to curb greenhouse gas emissions. He did not want countries supporting coal production expansion to allocate speaking time at the summit. Therefore, Australian and Japanese leaders did not speak at the summit.

Guterres called on world leaders at the climate summit to propose concrete and realistic plans to be achieved by 2020, with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% in the next decade and achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Reported that in order to participate in the summit, governments must commit themselves to further action to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Trumps absence from G7 climate conference aides: a waste of time on this issue

On the last day of this years Group of Seven (G7) Summit, discussions on climate change, one of the most important agenda items of the Summit, finally began among the leaders. However, Trump, who has always been skeptical of global warming, has warmed up.