Regulations prohibit living animals from sending part of express orders

 Regulations prohibit living animals from sending part of express orders

Modern Express News Packs live and die, from hamsters and rabbits to chinchillas, hedgehogs and parrots... Mobile phone orders, waiting for express delivery at home. How easy is it to buy a small animal online? On September 23, a reporter from the Modern Express visited the Nanjing market and found that some express delivery points said that they could pack small animals and mail them in other parcels. According to the postal regulations, mailing live animals is explicitly prohibited.

Reporters in several online shopping platforms, with pets and living animals as keywords for search, jumped out of many shops selling small animals. Lower ear rabbit, ferret, dragon cat, turtle... There are live sales. Businessmen also publicize such words as open-case package work and death package compensation. Some stores sell four or five hundred a month.

These stores are all over the country and can be shipped to Nanjing, and some of them are shipped to Nanjing. The way of mailing is ordinary express delivery. Is it not forbidden to express live animals now? When the reporter asked this question, a seller said: Normal can not be issued, but we can, normal order is good. There are also sellers said: will pack well, to ensure that there will be no problems. During the conversation, many stores shifted their purchasing process to social software such as Wechat. In the videos of their friends circle, there were rows of packaged animals waiting for express delivery. For the receipt of goods, because they are living animals, the sellers also have requirements. In the product introduction page, buyers are usually required to take videos when the goods are received and unpacked, and it is necessary to shoot continuously and pay for the problems.

In fact, accidents caused by online shopping for live animals are common. In May this year, a 16-year-old boy in Harbin bought five bamboo-leaf green snakes online as pets. He was bitten and poisoned because he hadnt pulled out his poisonous teeth. Last year, a 21-year-old girl from Weinan, Shaanxi Province, died after she was bitten on her left index finger.

Modern Express reporters learned that the Postal Law of the Peoples Republic of China and related implementation rules explicitly prohibit the postal transport of living animals.

In online shopping, how do vendors express living animals? On September 23, a modern express reporter visited several express delivery stations in Nanjing, including Zhongtong, Yunda, Shunfeng and Yuantong. Only one said that it could mail small animals. If you prepare the cage or something, well wrap it up for you and tie a few holes in the carton. But in the end, we dont care whether we die or live. The staff of this express delivery point told reporters that the express delivery fee is based on weighing, no special charges, and other express delivery together, We also sent a lizard this summer!

Reporters in the name of running pet online shop, asked a express point in Xuanwu District. At first, the staff said that there was a rule not to allow express animals. But later, he changed his words, Its better for me to see for myself what animals I want to send, before I can say whether I can send them. The worker said that the express company was not responsible for the death of animals. There are also poisonous animals that are not allowed to send, fearing accidents. Express delivery for so long, its hard to keep alive. In addition, he also mentioned that the seller should be responsible for the packaging of express delivery, and must pack it well so as not to frighten people when animals escape.

Two package mails for net red ducks? Buying live pets on the Internet beware of illegal activities

Take Mr. Fus duck shop as an example. Apart from Dutch Cole duck, which sells for 1500 yuan, it needs to be transported by air or passenger according to its distance, ordinary pet ducks and fertilized eggs can be packaged by mail. A duckling will also be accompanied by six-fold gifts such as transport cage, duck food and nutrients. The total price is less than 50 yuan, and a pair of ducklings will be discounted.