Iran: Britains detained tanker has been released and is now free to leave

 Iran: Britains detained tanker has been released and is now free to leave

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Iran has completed the release of the detained British tanker (source: CCTV)

On 23 local time, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiye said that the legal and administrative procedures for the release of the British tanker Stainer Empire had been completed.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiye: (Release) The legal work of the tanker has been completed. Based on the friendly attitude of allowing forgiveness for mistakes, the road to release the tanker has been paved and the tanker is now free to leave.

However, Ali Rabiet did not say whether the Steiner Empire had left port.

In early July, Gibraltar authorities, assisted by the British Navy, seized the oil tanker Grace I carrying Iranian crude oil, claiming that it had transported crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. Iran denied the accusation and demanded the immediate release of the detained tanker. On July 19, Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard seized the Stainer Empire on suspicion of violating international maritime laws and regulations. On 15 August, Grace I was released by the Gibraltar authorities and renamed Adrian Daria, which sailed to international waters on 18 August. Iran announced the release of seven of the 23 crew members of the Steiner Empire on April 4. On the 16th, Iran said it would release the Stainer Empire in the next few days.

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