Germanys e-commerce business is damaged, but complains about the low postage charges for parcels in China.

 Germanys e-commerce business is damaged, but complains about the low postage charges for parcels in China.

[Global Times correspondent Aoki in Germany] Before the special meeting of UPU on 24th, German e-commerce complained about low postage for parcels in China. German e-commerce and mail-order Merchants Association (BEVH) said recently that the low postage charges for parcels sent from China to Germany have caused huge losses to German e-commerce businesses, with a loss of up to 500 million euros per year for electronic products alone, the Frankfurt Reporting reported Wednesday. The Association calls for an immediate increase in the postage of Chinese parcels.

BEVH Chairman Gro Fossiheim told Deutsche Presse that since the China online shopping craze in Germany three years ago, Chinese parcels have flooded in. In the case of electronic products alone, more than 1 billion euros of goods are sent directly from China to German consumers every year. This accounts for a large proportion of the annual sales of about 12 billion euros of electronic and communications products in Germany. Last year, 70 million packages involving electronic and communications products were mailed from China to Germany.

German television said that UPU will hold a special meeting in Geneva on 24. The United States threatened to withdraw from UPU if more than 190 UPU members do not approve higher postage charges for parcels from China. Fochheim said that even though they opposed Trumps escalation of the conflict and taking separate action, the criticism from the United States was reasonable.

BEVH accused China of low postage charges for parcels before the UPU meeting, apparently in an attempt to fuel the fire and crack down on Chinese competitors. There are also analyses that the main reasons for the loss of German e-commerce are their lack of competitiveness and obsolete means of operation. At present, Switzerland and other countries have increased the postage of parcels from China, but the impact is not too great.

Source: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541, responsible editor of World Wide Web