Dismantling the iPhone 11: Apart from the camera, whats better than the iPhone XR?

 Dismantling the iPhone 11: Apart from the camera, whats better than the iPhone XR?

IT Home on September 24, the famous dismantling media iFixit in addition to the dismantling of the iPhone 11Pro/ProMax, recently officially released the dismantling report of the iPhone 11 with the post-dual camera.

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_Use a sucker and pry open the iPhone 11

According to iFixit dismantlers, the dismantling of the iPhone 11 is still relatively convenient, but attention should be paid to the internal cables, but the internal cables of the iPhone 11 are aligned on one side as the Pro series. At the same time, the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 is 3100 mAh, an increase of 7% over last years iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 is said to last an hour longer than the iPhone XR.

_Two hands lift the screen away from the iPhone 11

The internal structure of Apples iPhone 11 further confirms its positioning: the iPhone XR, which incorporates some Pro technologies, such as dual-deck motherboards, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses, and U1 chips.

u25b2 remove the iPhone 11 motherboard with one hand

Chips distributed on the motherboard: APL1W85: Apples A13 Bionic, SKHynix H9HKNNCRMMVDRLPDDR4XRAM, H230FG82D6AD0-BC922Y/M1TPAR31HA1 chips (probably memory chips), U1 chips.

_Remove the adhesive under the built-in battery of the iPhone 11

Rectangular batteries are designed to be 40.81 x 96.93 x 3.97 mm in size and 44.1 g in weight. Compared with XR batteries, they are much smaller, but their capacity is 3100 mAh, an increase of 7%, and their endurance is guaranteed. The rectangular battery has only one connector, but it still uses Apples new hardware to improve battery health.

_Camera Components for Apples iPhone 11

Although the phone does not carry a long-focus camera, it carries wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors on two Pro models, with faster shutter speed, higher ISO range and night mode. Optical image stabilization is expected to be achieved in the wide-angle module (the dark area in the image is the electromagnet). At the same time, the flexible cable of TrueDepth module adopts a new wiring scheme, which is no longer fixed under the battery. This design helps to quickly replace the camera components.

Empty rear cover

_Dismantling Family Welfare

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