Klop stood up for Van Dyke: He was as great as Merleaus failure to win.

 Klop stood up for Van Dyke: He was as great as Merleaus failure to win.

We can look back on Van Dykes growth. We should not only pay attention to his magnificent achievements, but also pay attention to his efforts behind them. It would be wonderful if a defender could get the award. Of course, even if not awarded, it will not hinder his greatness, he is not obliged to take this award. Look at these names: Ronaldo, Messi and Van Dyke. Wow, thats cool.

Although Van Dyke failed to win the Best Player award, Liverpool had a great deal to gain at todays ceremony. Alison won the Best Goalkeeper, while Uncle Zuo was elected the Best Coach. When he delivered his acceptance speech, Uncle Zha did not take credit for his achievements. He said that the award was for the whole team: 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 4 years ago, no one would have thought that I would stand here. Pochetino deserves the award, but we are European champions and we won the game, thats why Im here instead of you. I want to thank my team. I am really proud to coach such an incredible team.

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