Jin Medium: Zhang Luyuans original plan for the donation ceremony of the stadium was a pity in his throat.

 Jin Medium: Zhang Luyuans original plan for the donation ceremony of the stadium was a pity in his throat.

According to the established plan of Tianhai Team, after a few daysvacation, they will go to Dafeng Base in Yancheng for a two-week closed training. The whole National Day holiday will also be spent at the base. Compared with the previous closed training in Changchun, the outside world is full of expectations. Many people have a feeling of not expecting when the team is closed for training again, because the best working attitude is pale for the Tianhai Team at present. What you want to see most is the solution to the teams problems, which is that Tianhai Team can play in the League matches. In the final stage, we should win our dignity with good performance and inspiration.

In fact, although Shenzhen Jiazhaoye Team is one more game and one point behind, if only compared with the final stage of the tournament, the general feeling is still Tianhai Team relegation situation is better. The opponents of Tianhai Team will be Wuhan Zhuoer, Peking Ren, Henan Jianye, Dalian and Jiangsu Suning successively. Among them, people and teams have almost been demoted. Most of the other opponents are in the middle of no desire, while Jiazhaoye Team will play a supplementary match with Shanghai Shenhua Team. The remaining opponents are Guangzhou Hengda and Wuhan. Zhuo Er, Tianjin Teda, Henan Jianye and Shanghai Shanggang, most of their rivals either hope to win the championship, or have not yet completely relegated to the shore, or even compete with Tianhais brother Teda. However, the message from Shenzhen is that Jiazhaoye Team is increasing its investment in seeking relegation, while Tianhai Teams smooth preparation and various problems reflected in previous competitions are even more bottomless.

All the judgments about the prospects of relegation should be based on their own ability to win and score points. Therefore, in the abundant closed training, coach Park Zhongjun needs to use his brains most. It is not how he always talks about good defense and polishing details, but how to sincerely communicate with the players. Everyone abandons some personal ideas and really achieves them. Ideological unity, on the basis of existing personnel to mobilize all the forces that can be mobilized to score more goals, impact victory.

Yesterday, the Peoples Procuratorate of Hedong District of Tianjin City had brought an indictment to the Peoples Court of Hedong District of Tianjin City for Zhang Luns suspected dangerous driving crime. The ceremony of Zhang Luns donation to build a football stadium, originally planned for today, is no longer ending in the pity of his throat. Maybe the whole season of 2019, Tianhai Team is destined to leave too much summary and reflection for itself and China Football Professional League. However, it is not time for reflection, after all, the game is not over and the results are still in doubt.