700 yuan a day! Dark Evening Green iPhone Price Diving Specialists Target Huawei

 700 yuan a day! Dark Evening Green iPhone Price Diving Specialists Target Huawei

Every editor Li Jinghan, Du Hengfeng and Du Bo

In order to get the latest model of the iPhone, the fruit powder has paid a lot of money in recent days.

Someone would like to shoot a couple of hours in front of the Apple Store...

Apple stores cant get the dark green iPhone 11ProMax, and some people are willing to pay 1000 yuan more for idle fish...

But Im afraid the next news will make these fruit powder depressed.

According to Qianjiang Evening News, Xiao Wu, who runs a mobile phone business in a Digital Plaza in Hangzhou, said that on September 21, the most expensive night green version of the iPhone broke and other versions of the iPhone 11 had already fallen below the official price. Xiao Wu said, I entered a 256G dark night green iPhone 11ProMax in the evening of the 21st, for 11050 yuan, and sold it for 11300 yuan in the morning of the 22nd. The price plunged in the afternoon. The wholesale price was only 10300 yuan, the retail price was only 10700 yuan, while the official website quoted 10899 yuan.

Source: Apple (China) website

Why did the wholesale price of the late-night green version of the iPhone suddenly drop by 700 yuan yesterday? Xiao Wu said that because of the sudden arrival of a large number of dark-night green versions of the iPhone in the market, everyone sold them, resulting in a price dive. In addition, many digital speculators have focused their attention on the Mate30 series of Huawei, which was released on the 26th.

Its worth mentioning that some users who get the iPhone 11 say on social media that they have problems such as fever and poor signal when using the phone.

Whats the new social logo?

According to CNBC, the US financial media, in a recent report, it pointed out sharply that Apples iPhone 11 released last week is not so much a mobile phone as a camera. Because Apple spent a lot of time and energy promoting its camera functions.

Neil Cybart, an Apple analyst, said that 13 minutes of the 100-minute Apple Fall Conference were devoted to the camera features of the iPhone 11 Pro, and 7 minutes were devoted to the camera of the iPhone 11.

Both the Phone 11 dual camera and the iPhone 11Pro/ProMax triple camera show that Apple is working hard on the iPhone camera. One of the main reasons Apple has focused on improving its cameras this year is that consumers care about the quality of their cameras and more users like to take photos on their mobile phones. According to the analysis of photos uploaded by Flickr, the photo sharing website, the iPhone is the most frequently used photo shooting device for Flickr users.

Julie Ask, an analyst at Forrester, said: One of the goals of consumers upgrading smartphones is to get better photo capabilities. She pointed out that the screen is also an important reason for users to change their mobile phones.

Because there is little positive change between the iPhone 11 series and last years iPhone Xs series, in outdoor advertisements and advertising campaigns, Apple has begun to focus on the changes in the design of new mobile phone physical cameras as one of the few ways to distinguish between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone X.

Theres going to be a strange phenomenon in the future, and the number of cameras on the back of the iPhone will be a social signal, Sibart predicted last week.

Analysts say Apple also needs to catch up with rivals such as Samsung and Huawei, which are also releasing mobile phones with multiple cameras and using AI technology to combine photos for better results.

On September 20, Taiguri Apple Store in Chengdu (every photo taken by Zhao Yun)

The first batch of the iPhone 11 has been exposed to severe fever

According to the Beijing headline client, with the launch of Apples iPhone 11 series products, the first batch of user experience evaluation of the iPhone 11 has come out. Actual testing shows that the iPhone 11 series is the most wrestling-proof in history, but some users say that there are problems such as fever and poor signal when using the phone.

At present, the focus of the problems include the slightly higher calorific value of the iPhone 11 series, the general signal and some minor problems, but there is no serious quality control or quality problems.

Many users feedback in the purchase comments. The A13 processor of the iPhone11 series has a high calorific value, including no operation fever, playing games and so on, especially in the case of backup and activation, and even some users Tucao, they are just like a warm-up treasure.

According to the information of Apples press conference, A13 bionics uses a new generation of 7 nanometer technology of TSMC, which integrates 8.5 billion transistors. The overall performance of A13 is 20% higher than that of previous generation A12. With the same process level and performance improvement, the calorific value is bound to be greater. In addition, the iPhone 11 series are all designed with double-deck motherboards, with less heat dissipation than some built-in liquid-cooled Android phones.

As for the problem of bad signal, the iPhone 11Pro still uses Intel baseband, which is not as stable as Qualcomm baseband. The signal in underground garage and other scenarios is still not as good as Huawei and other mobile phones, but compared with the iPhone Xs, it has been improved.

In addition, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan also Tucao apple on micro-blog, because his iPhone upgraded iOS13 system, the camera did not work.

Photo Source: @Wang Xiaochuan

Wang Xiaochuan said that since his iPhone upgraded the iOS13 system, the camera did not work and it was useless to restart it. At the same time, he also said that similar upgraded cameras can not be used in a few. And there are two other phenomena, one is that the torch can not be used, the other is that the face recognition is broken.

In response, Apple has said that it will release the official version of iOS 13.1 on September 24, when they may address user feedback Bug in the new system.

Stimulators Target Huawei Mate30

According to Qianjiang Evening News, many digital speculators have already focused on the Mate30 series issued on September 26.

Photo Source: Huawei Sports Health

First of all, we can see the popularity of Huawei Mate30 from the pre-sale data.

At present, the main domestic e-commerce platforms, such as Tianmao, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and so on, have opened the pre-sale of Huawei Mate30 series. As of September 22, at 17:30, Mate30, the official flagship store of Beijing Donghua, had pre-sold 14,000 units, Mate30Pro had pre-sold 74,900 units, Mate30, Tianmao Huaweis official flagship store, had pre-sold 3,453 units and Mate30Pro had pre-sold 32,000 units. Tianmao Jingdong two platforms Mate30 overall pre-sale has exceeded 120,000 units. With other platforms, Huaweis Mate30 series has booked more than 200,000 units.

The second important factor is price:

In terms of foreign prices, Huawei Mate30 (8GB + 128GB) 799 euros (about 6249 yuan), Huawei Mate30Pro (8GB + 256GB) 1099 euros (about 8596 yuan), Huawei Mate30Pro5G (8GB + 256GB) 1199 euros (about 9378 yuan), and Huawei Mate30RS Porsche Design (12GB + 512GB) 2095 euros (about 163 yuan). 86 yuan).

Photo Source: Huawei Sports Health

It is understood that the domestic price will be announced at Huaweis domestic conference on September 26. It is estimated that each model will be about 2,000 yuan cheaper than that of foreign countries. It will be officially launched at Huawei Mall and online authorized e-commerce platform, Huawei authorized experience store and offline authorized retailers at 18:08 on that day.

Guo Mingpi, an analyst at Tianfeng International, said in a previous research paper that the market demand for the high-end model of the iPhone 11 in the United States remains strong and its share in the Chinese market is expected to gradually improve. Upgrading the shipment of the iPhone 11 series to 70 - 75 million units in 2019, the iPhone industry chain is expected to grow steadily in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Guo Mingpi said that because the Mate30 series could not use Google GMS and Huaweis future models could not obtain official Google applications and security updates, which would have an impact on Huaweis overseas market sales, Huaweis shipments this year were reduced to 210 million to 230 million units, and Huaweis mobile phone shipments in 2020 and in 2019 are expected. Approaching year.

However, Guo Mingpi is still optimistic about the sales of Mate30 series. He believes that the shipment of Mate30 series is expected to reach 20 million units. The main reason is that about 70% of Huaweis high-end mobile phone shipments come from the Chinese market, and the lack of Google GMS has limited impact on sales.

Of course, the final sales of the iPhone 11 and Huawei Mate30 series depend on consumerschoices.

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