Shen Tengyang Powers Chinas Got Talent Show shows different aesthetic standards

 Shen Tengyang Powers Chinas Got Talent Show shows different aesthetic standards

The sixth season of Chinas Got Talent Show is over half the schedule. With the witness of Shen Teng, Yang Fang, Venus and Cai Guoqing, four dream observers and national audiences, fantastic, shocking and moving performances are frequently performed. Of the 150 groups, only 28 dream observers recommend seats.

Earlier, Wang Xiaoxu, who sang Yodels songs, Shi Zheyuan, who brought high-fuel UAV performances, Hu Karen, who displayed the magic of mind-reading, and Yang Fenghua, who presented the holographic projection of space dream, won precious gold buttons and went straight to the qualifying contest. In this program, four Dream Observers need to recommend six groups of Golden Button Players from 89 groups of Golden Button Players who have three or more yes.

For the limited recommended seats, the four Dream Observers were very cautious and difficult to choose. However, their decision is not the final result, and the players have the right to vote against it. When the same player is chosen by different observers, he can choose to join a more desirable team of observers.

For example, Zeng Huilan, an Indonesian overseas Chinese with a good voice in a folk song like Spring River Water, won the favor of Yang Fang and Cai Guoqing at the same time. Eventually, she had a chorus experience with Cai Guoqing, and chose the latter. In the selection process, ring dancer Cui Mingkai became a fragrant baboon. Shen Teng, Yang Power and Venus all extended olive branches to him. Finally, Venus unexpectedly won Cui Mingkais opposition.

Shen Teng pursues optimism and Yang Power prefers sincere energy. Dream observers display different aesthetic standards?

In the Dream Observer Selection Competition, four observers also adhere to their own selection criteria. As the sixth season of Chinas Got Talent Show boasts, they represent four different dimensions of aesthetic orientation and time vision, and their choices will also bring different visibility to the next program. ?

On the stage of The Talent Show, Shen Teng believes that the spirit of the Talent is the optimistic power to face ordinary life. Therefore, six groups of contestants, Huaixiu Band, Pang Xiao, who insists on the dream of aerial dance, Street Street Street Strength, and Han Suining, who uses creative dubbing to convey laughter and thinking, appeared on Shen Tengs recommendation list. ?

In Yang Fangs opinion, what touches her most is sincerity. A sincere dream is the most powerful one. Therefore, the combination of Zhao Zhiyu, Zhang Junhuang, the young diabolo force, Fu Xiao, Huang Chuane, the little mermaid, and the blue soldier, whose dance is as touching as the true feelings, was recommended by Yang Fang. It is worth mentioning that the combination of street artists dreamers once again impressed the dream observers with their simple singing at the decisive moment, and eventually Yang left the last recommendation to them. ?

In the next program, Shen Teng, Yang Fang, Venus, Cai Guoqings special qualifying contest will be opened one by one. Which players can win the final tickets, please look forward to the sixth season of Chinas Got Talent Show on Sunday evening.

Season 6 of Chinas Got Talent Show is exclusively named Haitian Oyster Oil, which is sponsored by Fontaine. Thanks to the designated vehicle Beiqi New Energy, Golden Dragon Fish 1:1:1 special support. And the strong support of the designated product Dongpengte Drink. The program will be broadcast on Eastern Satellite TV every Sunday evening from August 11 at 21 p.m.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736