Easy Moment Voice Edition: This school stole money from students!

 Easy Moment Voice Edition: This school stole money from students!

Have you achieved durian freedom? Do you like durian?

Last question: Buy this years top apple machine, more than 10,000 that! How long do you need to make money?

Weixin netizens Drunk Laugh Red Dust said:

Cant afford it, cant afford it. The key is that the staging of the flower quota is not enough.

Weixin netizens Huahua said:

It is estimated that three and a half monthssalary will have to be kept without food or drink.

In May this year, I just changed my three-year oppo to Apple xsmax, which I saved for a long time before I bought it.

Weixin netizens sand sculpture genius said:

A months salary can buy a top matching 11, but buy a top matching can only eat soil, to support the family dare not spend, in hand is the wife for Marx after the elimination of the mad fork, has been very happy.

At this time, someone behind the press: Now?

I screamed like a pig: Wow, who is this?

Wechat netizens think and say:

Host Hello, this year is the third year of my husbands expatriate assignment. For our small family, my husband has worked hard. My children and I miss you very much. You have to take good care of yourself outside. Tomorrow is my husbands 30th birthday. I want to give him a song called Our Time by Zhao Lei. Xiamen is the place we know and the place where our love begins. Happy birthday to you, Husband. Well wait for you to come back.

Host: Family is always the greatest motivation for men to struggle. Happy birthday to your husband and happy birthday to you. Come and listen to Zhao Leis Our Time.

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Old rules, I wish you all hair dense, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth freedom, next goodbye!

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