Meng Wanzhou appeared in court again and the extradition case with a smile entered the substantive stage of trial.

 Meng Wanzhou appeared in court again and the extradition case with a smile entered the substantive stage of trial.

Meng Wanzhou stepped out of his home and greeted reporters (source: CCTV)

On the morning of September 23, Vancouver, Canada, the extradition case of Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Company, was heard again in the British Columbia High Court.

At about 9:30 a.m., Ms. Meng Wanzhou, dressed in a blue skirt, came out of her home with a smile and greeted the reporters waiting in the rain at the gate of the yard.

Unlike previous procedural trials, extradition cases have entered a substantive stage from today, that is to say, both the prosecution and the defense will debate the evidence and key issues in the case.

A spokesman for Huawei, Benjamin Howes, has just issued a statement to the media expressing his belief in Mengs innocence, but it is not convenient to disclose more information. The lawyersgroup expressed confidence that the Canadian courts could decide the extradition case of Meng Wanzhou impartially and independently.

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Huawei spokesman Benjamin House made a statement to the media (source: CCTV)

The details of the statement are as follows_

As you know, the court is hearing the matter, so it is not convenient for us to make specific comments. We fully support Ms. Meng and believe that she is innocent. We are also fully convinced that the independence and impartiality of Canadian judicial process will surely give her back her innocence.

Asyouknow, thisissueisbore the Courtand,

Assuch, itwouldnot beappropriate to providedetailedcomment. Wesupport

Ms. Mengfully. Webelievesheisinnocent of allallegations. Wehave

Every confidence thatshe will be vindicated edinkeeping with the independence

Andfairness of the Canadian judicial processes.

Ren Zhengfei: Will not ask the United States to let China suffer a little more for a Ma Meng late boat

Xinjing News on August 23, Huawei Xinsheng Community released a summary of Ren Zhengfeis interview with the Associated Press, which was held on August 20. In this interview, Ren Zhengfei said that he had not considered it at all, nor would he seek the benefit of the Chinese government to the United States and let it be a mere formality. Without a delay, we will develop slowly. Meng stayed in the boat for a longer period of time and suffered a little more. But it is good for the Chinese people and the country. I feel more comfortable in my heart. After all, we have money and we can afford to take a hit. Ren Zhengfei said, Let the common people give some benefits to the United States to save a wealthy Huawei, my conscience can not go through.

Ren Zhengfei talks about her daughter Meng Wanzhou: She is strong enough to tell jokes on the phone

Reporter: Although the Western media have also asked, but we still want to understand the topic of Ms. Meng, I hope you as a father to answer. When did you first hear that your daughter was detained in Canada? Do you have a smooth channel of communication with her now? Whats the situation now? January 29 is the deadline for formal extradition in the United States. Is there any difficulty?

Ren: Meng and I were going to Argentina to have the same meeting, and she was also the main host of the meeting. She changed planes in Canada and was unfortunately detained. I left two days later, and I changed planes from another place. We will settle this matter through legal procedures. As the father of Mengs late boat, I would like to thank the Chinese government for safeguarding the rights and interests of Mengs late boat as a Chinese citizen and providing her with consular protection. I also thank people from all walks of life for their support, concern and concern for Meng Wanzhou.