Bangladesh LawyersTeam accused the Canadian Government and the United States of extradition

 Bangladesh LawyersTeam accused the Canadian Government and the United States of extradition

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Meng Wanzhou stepped out of his home and greeted reporters (source: CCTV)

Vancouver is unlikely to be the front line in the game between superpowers, CBC reported Wednesday. Meng Wanzhou, an executive of Huawei, will return to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on the same day. Her appearance in a few monthstime will undoubtedly attract global attention again. The Canadian authorities, who plan to extradite her to the United States, will face a new round of struggle, according to a Bloomberg News agency. At the same time, Canadian elections will be held next month. The people of the country are aware of the need to elect a suitable prime minister to deal with an unprecedented confrontation with China in the future.

Canadian Globe Post reported Tuesday that this week in two independent courts, judges will listen to Mengs lawyer teams arguments in a two-pronged refusal to extradite case. On the one hand, Mengs lawyer will ask the prosecution to disclose the documents and details of her detention and arrest at Vancouver International Airport on December 1 last year at an eight-day hearing. The analysis said that this was not an extradition hearing, but the information would be evidence of Mengs complaint against Canadian authorities for violating regulations and requesting the termination of extradition proceedings. Mengs lawyers will accuse the Canadian Border Service (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of violating her constitutional rights during their arrest. Bangladeshs lawyers accused Canadian officials of being agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and said the only question left is to what extent the FBI has participated in the so-calledplan.

According to the CBC, Vancouver is unlikely to be the front line in the game between the two global superpowers. But last year, Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States and tried to extradite her to the United States for trial. Canada was placed in conflict between China and the United States. Reported that before the hearing began on 23, Mengs lawyer team submitted a document to the court accusing the United States tried to use these extradition procedures (between the United States and Canada) to serve its own economic and political interests and hijacked Meng as a bargaining chip in the Sino-US trade war. Meng was arrested at Vancouver Airport on December 1 last year when he was transferring. Trump, in an interview with Reuters on December 11, said publicly that he was willing to intervene in Mengs case if it would help China and the United States reach a trade agreement.

In addition, Mengs lawyer team said that the US and Canadian authorities used CBSAs special detention right to conduct a secret criminal investigation on Mengs late boat. A CBSA official questioned Huaweis business in Iran while searching Mengs luggage. RCMP intended to arrest Mengs late boat on the plane, but changed for some special reasons. Original intention. Lawyers point out that all of these factors constitute an abuse of procedure and are sufficient to nullify the entire case. In this case, one can reasonably speculate that the FBI has been in contact with the Federal Justice Department of Canada, RCMP and CBSA in this incident, but the relevant materials have been concealed. Our client believes that CBSA and RCMP are driven by the interests of the FBI and other U.S. government agencies and may be guided by them. She is in Vancouver. The International Airport was illegally detained.

The Global Post quoted Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurand as saying on the 22nd that the focus of the hearing was to ask for more information to be disclosed. There is a lot to be gained from civil cases, but not from criminal or extradition cases. You can extract ammunition from civil cases. Insert in the handling of extradition cases. These new information and documents, such as CBSA interrogation videos, may open the door for a re-examination of the entire case, the expert said. If there is new and important evidence that Mengs constitutional rights have been violated, the Canadian Attorney General and Attorney General may reconsider the extradition decision. Vancouver lawyer Brock Martin told the Globe Post that in Canadas extradition cases, civil cases with similar focus are unusual, but in Mengs case, unusualness is normal.

With more and more details being disclosed, the illegal arrest of Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities has been increasingly questioned. Gary Potin, a Vancouver lawyer, saw a video of Bangladeshs detention at the airport, Reuters reported on Wednesday. He said that there are doubts as to whether the rights of Bangladeshs late boat have been violated. CBC23 quoted Paul Evans, a professor at the University of British Columbia and honorary director of the Asian Institute, as saying that this weeks proceedings are most concerned about whether extradition could be used as a rent-seeking and long-arm jurisdictional pursuit tool in the interests of the United States, when people talk about who is undermining the rule of law and the international community. We should not evade what the United States did in pursuit of Mengs late boat, which not only frightened the Chinese, but also the Europeans.

The CBC said that Mengs extradition hearing will begin in January next year and that the case is unlikely to end before the end of 2020. But the impact of the case is clear: China has imposed restrictions on the import of rapeseed, pork and beef from Canada, two Canadians accused of drug trafficking have been sentenced to death in China, and two Canadian citizens have been arrested on espionage charges in China. China denies that all this is related to Mengs case, but does not hide its dissatisfaction with Canadas assistance in the arrest of Mengs late boat by the United States. Mengs arrest plunged Canadas relationship with its second largest trading partner into the darkest period since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1970, Bloomberg said Tuesday. Whoever wants to win next months federal elections will face one of the toughest challenges.

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