A 28-year-old female doctor has been appointed as a professor and doctor in the Basic Medical College of Southern Medical University

 A 28-year-old female doctor has been appointed as a professor and doctor in the Basic Medical College of Southern Medical University

Li Lin Southern Medical University Official Website

According to the official resume, Li Lin is mainly engaged in single cell epigenomics research. She received a bachelors degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2014 and a doctorate from Beijing University from September 2014 to June 2019.

As Li Lins introduction unit, the official website of the Basic Medical College of Southern Medical University shows that its talent category is outstanding academic backbone.

In addition, Fei Fei, born in 1980, Guandaogang, born in 1981, and Wang Mei, born in 1989, were among the outstanding academic backbones introduced into the Basic Medical College of Southern Medical University. Among them, Wang Mei, who is a female doctor after the quasi-90s, was engaged in postdoctoral research in Southern Medical University, mainly in developmental biology.

In April this year, the Office of Talents of Southern Medical University issued a recruitment announcement saying that the university has launched a new policy of full-time recruitment of high-level talents, recruiting talents at home and abroad to jointly achieve the goal of first-class multidisciplinary medical university in China and influential in the world.

Founded in 1951, Southern Medical University, formerly the First Military Medical University of the Peoples Liberation Army of China, was designated as a key national university in 1979. It was transferred to Guangdong Province as a whole in August 2004 and renamed Southern Medical University. The university is the only medical college in the key construction universities of Guangdong Provinces high-level universities. The first batch of universities in China and the only ministries and provinces in Guangdong Province have been jointly established. The first batch of eight-year-old medical colleges and universities in China have been set up, and the first batch of Pilot Universities in China have been set up for the training of outstanding doctors.

Female Doctor Designated for County Governor after 1980: Once worked in Xiongan New District

Yang Lei is a post-80s cadre who has been working in Hebei Financial College before. According to the open resume, Yang Leisheng graduated from Agricultural Economics and Management Department of Hebei Agricultural University in October 1980 and in 2011. After graduation, she joined the Department of Economics and Trade of Hebei Finance College. During that time, she did postdoctoral research in Economics at the Institute of Quantitative Economy, Technology and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The doctoral student of Shangda University has sent two papers to apply for a doctoral degree and has been refused to sue his alma mater.

On July 24, Chai Lijie, a doctoral student of Shanghai University, was refused to sue Shanghai University for her degree. The case was heard in the Peoples Court of Pudong New District, Shanghai. Some lawyers argue that it is unreasonable for Shanghai University to add preconditions illegally because students do not meet the colleges criteria and refuse to apply for degrees.