La Liga points: Biba unexpectedly led Real Madrid to the second Spaniard in the relegation zone

 La Liga points: Biba unexpectedly led Real Madrid to the second Spaniard in the relegation zone

Although Real Madrid did not start the season well, due to the performance of other top Spanish teams is not stable, after this round of small victory over Sevilla, Real Madrid rose to the top of the La Liga scoring table with the result of 3 wins, 2 equals 11 points, with the top Bilbao Athletic score, only Real Madrids net victory is one less than the other side, so Bilbao Athletic. Skills are at the top of the list for the time being.

The next four teams with 10 points are Granada, Royal Society, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. Among them, the outstanding performance of the upgraded Magranada is astonishing. The owner of Granada is Jiang Lizhang of Chinas double-edged sword sport. Last season, they were upgraded directly to the second runner-up in West Asia. This summer, they did not receive heavy money. At present, the middle price of the whole team is only 33.5 million euros, which is the lowest price team in West Asia. Villarreal, who has 8 points, is also in the European theater.

Barcelona, who won the Spanish Championship last season, lost 0-2 away to Granada in this round. At present, they are 2 wins, 1 draws, 2 losses and 7 points. They are only in the eighth place in the Spanish Scores, even falling out of the European theatre. We should know that Barcelona lost only three games in the Spanish League last season. Obviously, such achievements are unacceptable to the fans. Barcelona coach Balvad has also been criticized and questioned more and more, and the call for the end of class is high.

Valencia, who was fourth in La Liga last season and qualified for the Champions League, also had a bad start, scoring only five points in the first five rounds of the season and currently ranks 12th in the scoreboard. Valencia beat Premier League giants Chelsea 1-0 away in the mid-European Champions League this week, while La Liga was equalised 1-1 at home by Vice-squad leader Leganes at the weekend, apparently adversely affected by the two-tier campaign.

Chinese player Wu Leis Spanish team also suffered a decline. Last season, they ranked seventh in La Liga to qualify for the Europa League, but this season only won 1-1-3 in the first five rounds. The only winner was the weak team Eval. The Spaniard is currently ranked third from the bottom in the Spanish league table and has fallen into the relegation zone along with Ewar and Leganes. For Wu Lei and the Spaniards, the first thing to consider is not how to play well in the Europa League, but how to improve the ranking in the La Liga championship to avoid relegation.

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