Trump wants to borrow a ticket to welcome Modilla? American Media: Maybe you have miscalculated.

 Trump wants to borrow a ticket to welcome Modilla? American Media: Maybe you have miscalculated.

Trump-Modis Brotherhood Rekindled in Texas, according to CNN on the 22nd, US President Trump will participate in a grand event to welcome Indian Prime Minister Modi. The two will speak on the same stage, arousing wide attention. Some critics say that Trumps drunken man does not care about wine is to use Moodys light to improve his selection among Indian Americans. But media analysts such as the Washington Post say the US president may have miscalculated this time.

Trump will attend a rally called Hello, Moody at the Houston Stadium in Harris County, Texas, Wednesday, the Washington Post reported. More than 50,000 Indian Americans will be present. The organizers said that the gathering will be the largest gathering for foreign leaders visiting the United States. According to reports, the event is expected to last about three hours. Trump set aside a 100-minute stall for the rally and will deliver 30 minutes of speeches on India and Indian Americans, New Delhi Television said Tuesday. Reported that the Indian-American summit with the theme of common dream, bright future will highlight the contribution of Indian Americans in enriching American life over the past 70 years and their key role in strengthening bilateral relations.

Trumps campaign team said Tuesday that attending the rally was part of the presidents Texas campaign strategy and that Indian Americans had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, consistent with the presidents agenda for job creation. Richard Rosso, an adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in the United States, believes that Indian Americans are ideal candidates for Trumps campaign. The number of Indian Americans is growing, and they are getting richer, and Indian companies are investing more in the United States... Many phenomena show that this group is worthy of Trumps contact. The BBC says there are about 3.2 million Indian citizens in the United States. Qatars Al Jazeera television says about half a million Indian Americans live in Texas, of which 150,000 live in Houston.

According to the Washington Post, recent polls show that Trump will lose the Democratic candidate in Texas in the 2020 general election. The report stressed that Harris County, Texas, is the most hated place in the United States Trump. In the 2016 election, the county turned from red to blue, from supporting Republicans to supporting Democrats; in the mid-term elections of 2018, Republican candidate Cruz also lost to Democrat Olock. Republicans acknowledge that Harris County is very important to Trump, and losing it is tantamount to losing Texas. Reported that Trumps grand welcome to Moody is to convert the high support rate of the former among Indian Americans into their own support rate. This is Trumps unprecedented bold move! Indias Economic Times praised Trumps participation in the rally on the 22nd. Mukesh Agui, chairman of the U.S. -India Strategic Partnership Forum, said that Texas had always been a major electoral town in the United States. Trumps speech here with Moody was a victory for the former.

However, whether Trump can get what he wants is still unknown. Indian Americans value tolerance and diversity, while Trump sparks hatred and racial divisions; they rejected Trump in 2016 and may do the same in 2020, according to Rahman, director of communications for the Texas Democratic Party, the Washington Post reported Sunday. Foreign Policy magazine reported that most Indian Americans supported the Democratic Party, 77% voted for Hillary in 2016 and 16% voted for Trump. In the mid-term elections of 2018, only 28% of Indian Americans approved Trumps job. Questions even came from Indian Americans. Sarah Phillips, a 21-year-old third-generation Indian immigrant, wrote on CNN Tuesday that Moody and Trump are two sides of a coin. Moody is promoting Hindu nationalism while Trump supports white supremacy. She said she would take part in an off-site protest against Moody. Human rights groups say 15,000 people will protest Modis treatment of Muslims outside the stadium.

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