Falgar - Neymar two consecutive rounds of fairy ball killing! Paris 1-0 Lyon lead

 Falgar - Neymar two consecutive rounds of fairy ball killing! Paris 1-0 Lyon lead

In the 5th minute, Corney knocked back in the inverted triangle and Tiago Mendes shot high. In the 12th minute, Maria cut off the Lyon midfielders return and scored the ball. Shubo Morting shot low and was saved by Anthony Lopez. In the 14th minute, De Pei took the ball from the left and adjusted the long-range shot to the bottom line.

In the 22nd minute, DiMaria knocked across the middle of the restricted area and Neymar was blocked from the defensive shot. In the 33rd minute, Neymar sent to Zhisai, DiMaria knocked on the door horizontally. Shubo-Mortings attack was blocked. Shubo-Mortings supplementary shot was blocked by Denail. Anthony Lopez quickly confiscated the ball. In the 41st minute, Neymar kicked a free kick from the front court and was directly attacked by Anthony Lopesto out of the crossbar. In injury time, Moussa Denberry shot high.

In the second half, we changed sides and fought again. The 49th minute, KONE cross, Ayar shot high. In the 52nd minute, Gayer scored and Neymars shot was confiscated by Anthony Lopez. In the 56th minute, Oyal knocked back, and Mendeslong-range shot was blocked. In the 59th minute, when Neymar kicked a corner kick, fans threw sundries in his direction. In the corner pass, Diallo headed to the top of the goal.

In the 61st minute, Gaye received Bernards pass and then closed the door with a long-range shot. In the 69th minute, Gayer scored and Neymar was confiscated by Anthony Lopez after hitting the edge of the goal with a long shot. In the 72nd minute, Shubo-Mooting scored the ball to the left of the penalty area and DiMaria attacked the goal from a small angle. In the 82nd minute, Neymars shot was blocked. In the 84th minute, Mounier crossed and Shubo Mouting headed to the top of the goal.

In the 87th minute, Villati knocked across the middle after receiving Neymars return, Di Maria was in the restricted area, Neymar flashed a low shot under the guards bag, leading Paris 1-0. In the 89th minute, Du Bois shot wide. In the 4th minute of injury stoppage time, the goal was slightly deflected by intra-department long-range shooting. In the end, Paris won 1-0 over Lyon.

Saint Germain, Paris (433): 1-Navas/14-Bernard (733-Kimbalby), 22-Diallo, 2-Tiago-Silva, 12-Meniere/27-Gaye, 5-Marginios, 21-Erela (726-Verati)/10-Nemar (9020-Kurzawa), 17-Schubo-Morting, 11-DiMaria

Lyon (352): 1-Anthony Lopez/5-Denail, 3-Josim Anderson, 6-Marcelo-Antonio/28-Coney, 8-Hossem-Oyal (7323-Teit), 12-Tiago-Mendes (8810-Bertrand-Traoray), 17-Rene-Adelaide (7229-Tussar), 14-Dubois/11-Depei, 9-Mu Sa-Denberry

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