The Premier League - Portugal international equalized in 95 minutes! Wolves 1-1 Crystal Palace 6 rounds 0 win

 The Premier League - Portugal international equalized in 95 minutes! Wolves 1-1 Crystal Palace 6 rounds 0 win

The 10th minute, Westwood left corner pass, Chris-Wood jumped high in front of the header to break the goal, 1-0. In the 14th minute, McNeills left pass, Woods left foot swept through the door, 2-0.

Everton 0-2 Sheffield United

The 40th minute, Sheffield United left corner pass, Mina header self-pendulum Oolong, 0-1. In the 79th minute, the visiting team quickly counterattacked, Lendstrom sent out the straight plug on the right side, Mussett dribbled the ball into the restricted area, and the right foot of the restricted area shot at a small angle, 0-2.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Wolf

In the 46th minute, MacArthur passed the ball and Ward fired a long shot from outside the penalty area. The ball was deflected into the net by Denton Cole, the visiting team, 1-0. The goal was counted as Deng Dongkors own goal. In the 73rd minute, Wolves team Seth reached out and pulled the ball backwards to break through Zaha and got the second yellow card and was sent off. In the 5th minute of injury stoppage time, Traore crossed, the defender of the central team did not break the barrier in time. If the left foot of the forbidden area of the tower breaks the goal and presses the whistle, the opponent will be equalized, 1?-1. In the first six rounds of the season, Wolves won 4-2 and are currently ranked second to last.

Southampton 1-3 Bournemouth

In the 10th minute, Ricos cross from the right corner of the visiting team, Aker jumped in the middle and rushed to the top, 0-1. In the 35th minute, Billings left-hand drive into the penalty area and the reverse triangle pass by the bottom line, Harry Wilson followed up with the shot to expand the score, 0-2. In the 53rd minute, Adams burst into the penalty area and was tripped by Cook. The saint was awarded a penalty. Ward Pross hit the penalty and pulled back one point, 1-2. In the 5th minute of injury stoppage time, Bournemouths back-court long pass forward, the Saints goalkeeper and the guard failed to cooperate with each other and sent a big gift. Neither of them had cleared the ball directly. Kalem Wilson took the ball and pushed it into the restricted area to lock the score, 1-3.

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