Arsenals strongest soul! How many people are crying after 1-2

 Arsenals strongest soul! How many people are crying after 1-2

It was Gondozi who inspired the team. In the second half, the first time Arsenal played a threatening offense was when he led the ball strongly on the left and broke into the penalty area surrounded by a number of Villa players, forcing Engels, who had also played in France, to make a foul and score a precious penalty for the struggling Arsenal. A Premier League goal equalized the score.

Arsenal were 81 minutes behind, Chambers and Obamayan scored two quick goals to counter-exceed the score, and Chambersgoal was also Gondozis overhead pass, which spanned the opponents entire defence and was very similar to the wonderful pass and assists given to Obamayan against Spurs. Arsenals first two goals can be said to have come from Gondozis contribution, his dribbling and precise passing.

Last season Gondozi was called Prince Gong by fans because of his poor performance, complaining that Emery was too fond of him. This season, Arsenal have failed to win three consecutive league matches. Watford, the bottom team in the last round, shot 31 times and lost three points in his hand. Emery is in a crisis of confidence. How can Daddy stand by? The Frenchman made two goals in a row and directed a great reversal. Arsenal almost won two goals after a 2-0 defeat at Spurs in their last home game. It was also Gondozi who gave assists to create two goals. It was almost normal for him to make two goals in a single game.

Of course, the fans are also impressed by Gondozis eternal fighting spirit. After Peppers penalty break 1-1 draw, Villa scored again in 89 seconds to gain the lead. When he saw the draw he had just won, he was easily buried. Gondozis mouth burst with a blunt expression of crying and tearless. In the 69th minute, Gondozi turned to the disc and fired a high-quality long-range shot after passing the opponent. Goalkeeper Hitton blocked the ball and hit the left column. He rebounded to Hitton and then bounced off the bottom line.

Prince Gong, who almost scored in person, looked depressed, grabbed his hair and waved his arm to regret passing the goal. Perhaps it is only with such high morale that we can finally inspire Arsenal to play a bleeding game in less than 50 minutes and a super reversal in the history of the Premier League for the third time. Gondozi has started every game this season and is the fourth player in the team. Now who will question that?

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