The countdown to coach sotheuss end of class? Its revealed that Manchester United have planned to change the Paris manager as the first choice

 The countdown to coach sotheuss end of class? Its revealed that Manchester United have planned to change the Paris manager as the first choice

Despite Uniteds recent two consecutive wins, their overall performance this season has not been satisfactory. In the first four rounds of the league, Manchester United scored only five points, creating the worst start in 27 years. They were drawn by Wolves and Southampton and lost to Crystal Palace. In midweek, Manchester United beat Astana 1-0 at home, but their opponents were not strong enough to convince them.

According to the Daily Mirror, many people believe that if Soho fails to bring Manchester United to the winning track in the future, he will not be able to escape from class. In December 2018, Soho succeeded Mourinho as Manchester Uniteds temporary manager. In March this year, he formally corrected. After the correction, Soxhlets magic suddenly disappeared and Manchester Uniteds record plunged into a low ebb. This summer, Manchester United spent a lot of money to improve the defensive line, but the teams performance in the new season is still not strong enough.

In this tournament, if Manchester United are to challenge West Ham away from home, Soho must get three points, otherwise he will fall into a greater crisis of confidence. After Fergusons class, Manchester United have changed four managers. Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho have suffered successively. How long can Soho be strong? Mirror said that once Sohos class is really over, the current Paris coach Tuchel will be Manchester Uniteds first target. Tuchel, who coached Paris in 2018, led the team to the top of Ligue 1 last season, but the Champions League remains weak. Tuhels contract with Paris expires in 2021.

Soxhlet must rely on Bogba if he wants to lead United to a good result. Speaking about Bogbas future, Soho reiterated that Manchester United would never let him go. I would never listen to President Florentino. I dont worry about Bogba at all, now and in the future. Bogba doesnt go anywhere. Hes happy to play here.

Bogba has been working hard here. During the injury, he has been working hard, hoping to return to the team as soon as possible, he wants to help the team and teammates. You can ask Bogba if our relationship can help him stay in the team. I believe the answer is yes. He is a great player and we hope he can play his best football at Manchester United. Soxhlet stressed.

The Sun also reprinted ESPN news that Manchester United had decided to renew their contract with Bergba, which expires in 2021 and has a one-year contract renewal clause. It is reported that in the coming weeks, Manchester United will hold talks with Bogbas agent La Iola. Bergba currently earns 290,000 a week at Manchester United, less than 350,000 at De Gea.

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