High-powered passing conquers England! British media collectively change Ding Chuo: the best midfielder

 High-powered passing conquers England! British media collectively change Ding Chuo: the best midfielder

There are pictures and facts. Lets first look at the two assists of De Browne in this tournament. First, less than a minute after the start of the game, he started on the right side, with a huge arc, the ball went around all the guards and flew to David Silva, who followed him, before the goalkeepers eyes. The latter shot through the door, 1-0. Most of the credit for this goal goes to De Browne, whose passing is like a meteor, where to play. When he passed the ball on the right, we could see the shadow of Beckham at his peak.

The second assists took place in the 60th minute of the match. De Browne was still on the right side. After he got rid of the guard and went into the penalty area with speed, he saw his teammates in the middle of the game, his right foot flicked, the low-level ball curved again, and once again he perfectly circumvented the three guards. Bernardo Silva laughed. De Brownes foot pass simply fooled Watfords defensive team, completely looking at defense as nothing.

In fact, if it hadnt been for Agueros waste of De Brownes seconds, the Belgian could have assisted with caps. In the 25th minute of the match, De Browne sent out a wonderful arc ball diagonal plug just past the midfield line and found Aguero in the back. Unfortunately, the latter shot slightly off the post. In the 44th minute, De Browne sent a diagonal pass over the top, and Aguero headed the goal at the back, a little off.

Towards the end of the game, in the 85th minute, De Browne, who had passed a good ball, decided to shoot by himself. He received an oblique pass from Macheles outside the left-hand forbidden area. One-on-one Watford guard was singled out. Suddenly, he dribbled the ball horizontally, swayed the angle and fired directly. The goalkeeper could not respond at all. 8-0! After the goal, Debrau was expressionless, raised his hands, and was quite dominant, as if Cantona had returned to the field.

With two assists in the game, De Brownes total number of assists in the Premier League reached 53, leaving Ozil behind. In the history of the Premier League assists list, De Browne also looked up to Bergkamp, Fabregas, Beckham, Giggs and others, ranked first in Giggs, Welsh stars sent out 162 assists. It will take several more years for De Browne to surpass Giggs.

The well-known data media whoscored scored 10 points for De Browne after the game, which could not be more perfect. In the whole match, De Brownes data are impeccable. One goal, two assists, 88 touches, 58 successful passes, 88% pass success rate, 8 key passes, 5 successful passes, 3 successful long passes, 4 outstanding passes, 5 successful confrontations... This season, De Brownes total number of assists in the Premier League has reached seven, while the second-place David Silva has only four. Looking at the five major leagues, De Brownes seven assists are also the highest this season.

In FIFA20, De Brownes passing ability index reached 92 and Messis 92, but De Browne ranked first because of the high scores of some specific items. It is not difficult to see that, in the eyes of professional game makers, De Browne is also a passing master among active players NO.1.

Sky Sports today specifically launched the crowning of De Browne: Say a better midfielder than De Browne, okay, no!

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