Epstein victim: He asked his doctor to prescribe tranquilizers and antidepressants

 Epstein victim: He asked his doctor to prescribe tranquilizers and antidepressants

On August 10, American billionaire Epstein died in prison on suspicion of sexual assault and organizing underage women to engage in sex trade. Even so, the episode of Epsteins sexual assault continues to ferment. Russian satellite news agency quoted several victims of the case on September 21 to disclose details that Epstein had paid doctors to prescribe some tranquilizers and antidepressants for the girls.

Screenshots of Russian Satellite News Agency reports

One of the victims, Virginia Giffrey, who was recruited by Epstein at the age of 16, told the Miami Herald that doctors had given her Xanax for three years. Psychiatrists and gynecologists came to see us and dentists whitened our teeth, Virginia said. A doctor gave me Zanner, he recalled. Which normal-minded doctor who wants to protect a patient will give a little girl or a young woman Zannando?According to public data, Zannando may have side effects such as uncontrollability, hallucinations and changes in sexual desire in patients with depression and insomnia or anxiety.

Sarah Ransome, a 22-year-old South African, was another victim of Epsteins sexual assault after being abducted and sold to the United States by Epstein. She said she was once on the verge of mental breakdown when she was taken to a psychiatrist who prescribed lithium. According to public data, lithium salts have preventive effects on manic or depressive episodes, and are also used for schizophrenia with mood disorders, excitement or aggressive behavior.


However, apart from Virginia and Sarah, victims have come forward to accuse Epstein. On Aug. 27, American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was heard in New York. Several women who accused Epstein of sexual abuse testified at a two-and-a-half-hour hearing about their experiences and lingering wounds, expressing their anger.

Courtney Wild, the first speaker, said tearfully that Epstein began to sexually abuse her when she was 14. She called Epstein a coward and told the court, I feel very angry because there has never been justice in this situation. In addition, Virginia Roberts Giuffre described how she was recruited by financiers when she was 15 years old, and worked at Mar-A-Lago, a place she often visited in Epstein. My hopes were soon shattered and my dreams were stolen. She said.

Two days later (29 August), a federal judge in the United States officially dismissed Epsteins suspected sexual transaction criminal case. However, the U.S. prosecution said it would continue to investigate the case, and the dismissal of the case would not prevent the prosecution from future accusations of other accomplices suspected of involvement in the case.

On August 10, American billionaire Epstein was found dead in prison on suspicion of sexually assaulting and organizing underage women to trade in sex. Although the chief forensic doctor of New York City confirmed that Epstein committed suicide, there were many doubts about his death. Some media pointed out that the prison released the suicide surveillance of Epstein before his death. At the same time, two prison guards did not follow the procedure to conduct night patrols. In addition, Epsteins fellow prisoners in the same cell were transferred on the very day of the incident.

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