When college students buy notebooks online, they have empty shells and ceramic tiles.

 When college students buy notebooks online, they have empty shells and ceramic tiles.

Where is the computer? College students who buy notebooks online are actually empty shells and ceramic tiles (Source: ~)

Ms. Wus family, who lives in Longhua District, has been depressed for two days because her son Xiaohao bought a notebook computer in the online mall the other day. But I didnt expect that after receiving the goods, she opened it and saw that it was empty shell and tile. Where did the computer go?

Ms. Wus son Xiaohao has just been a freshman. Because of the Mid-Autumn Festivals preferential activities, he used his part-time money to buy a Dell laptop. The computer was sent directly to Ms. Wus home. At that time, Ms. Wu did not open the package for inspection. She took it to Shunfeng Express near her home and sent it to her sons school. When my son received the goods, he opened the package and immediately became foolish.

Inside the carton, there are three packages of certificates and instructions for Dells laptop. In fact, it contains an old Shenzhou brand notebook computer shell, which is bound with three tiles on both sides. Xiaohao called Jingdong Customer Service, the other side said that the computer was purchased in Jingdong self-owned store. When the courier receives it, it is already packaged carton. In the process of receiving and receiving, it has not been opened and inspected. Customer service said that after inquiring about relevant monitoring, there were no problems in the logistics link.

The party Xiaohao said: It has been a deliberate feeling, tied several tiles. Make you feel the weight is still there, you pick it up and dont open it, you dont know whats inside.

Reporters accompanied Ms. Wu to this Shunfeng Express Receiving Point, and transferred the monitoring at that time. Ms. Wu was present all the way, and the staff did not open the package.

Ms. Wu suspected that the computer might have been maliciously packed when it was packed out of the shop. The 8499 yuan for buying a computer is the hard money for my son to work part-time in a milk tea shop during the summer vacation. At present, the Commissioner has been arranged to follow up on this matter in Eastern Beijing.

A lawyer said: the buyer can claim three times the compensation, but bear the burden of proof. If the goods sold by the online shop sellers are wrong and fraudulent, the buyer can claim three times compensation, but the express company did not receive or receive express delivery.

There are some faults in checking the internal parts, but the buyer fails to check the goods in time when receiving the goods, so it is difficult to safeguard the rights.

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