Video Platform Anchor Meets Many Female Fans Simultaneously Fraud Five Million Prisoners

 Video Platform Anchor Meets Many Female Fans Simultaneously Fraud Five Million Prisoners

In August 2019, the Qianbao Police Station of the Second Branch Bureau of Changchun Public Security Bureau received several reports from young women that they were cheated by a male anchor on the video platform. Police investigation found that the male anchorman involved, Lemou, had more than 180,000 fans on the video platform. In addition, he also had his own media company.

Zhang Tong, Director of Qianbao Police Station, Second Branch Bureau of Changchun Public Security Bureau, introduced: Men use the fans they know when they broadcast live on the Internet. Privately establish links between Wechat and other social software.

It is understood that Lemou has only a junior high school education. In order to package himself, he claims to be a graduate of a key university. In the studio, he encouraged female fans to paint gifts for him. Off-line, Le Mou often dates female fans. Send ambiguous messages to female fans and tell inspirational stories. With many female fans developed into a lovers relationship, even to the point of marriage.

After cheating the feelings of female fans, Lemou lied that she needed funds to start a company and let female fans sponsor shares. After falsely asserting the establishment of the company, they said that they would get shares and dividends. After cheating money and beauty, the victim was pulled black.

There were five female fans reporting the case. On September 17, the police arrested him in a media company run by Lemou.

Lin Jiansen, political commissar of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Second Division Bureau of Changchun Public Security Bureau, said: In the room where he founded this media company, a large number of criminal tools were seized.

During the interrogation, the suspect Lemou admitted what he had done: They broadcasted gifts to me live, after the New Year, I gradually contacted them and established a good friend relationship. Then through the first meeting, the second meeting to determine the relationship.

It is understood that the fraudulent female fans are all over the country, involving a total amount of nearly 5 million yuan.

Lemou said: This is immoral, we have to find ways to remedy it. Regret, this act is wrong, this action is wrong.

At present, the suspect has been criminally detained by the police.

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