Mens online loans were cheated 20,000 yuan to the police station cheaters are still pressing for verification codes

 Mens online loans were cheated 20,000 yuan to the police station cheaters are still pressing for verification codes

Modern Express News leaked personal information in the process of borrowing money because it was in a hurry to use money to borrow money online. On September 20, a man in Zhenjiang, Mr. Liu (a pseudonym), who was a foreigner, rushed to the police station to ask for help after he found out that he had been cheated. Fortunately, the police helped him recover the money in time.

Mr. Liu was deceived and rushed to the police station for help.

The police of Jiangqiao police station in Zhenjiang told Modern Express that in the afternoon of September 20, a man called the police station to tell him that he had been cheated by 20,000 yuan to borrow money online and that he would come to the police station by himself. A few minutes later, the police officer, Mr. Liu, rushed to the police station.

Mr. Liu told the police that he had no time to go to the bank to handle the loan formalities because he needed a sum of money urgently that day, so he found an online loan company. As a result, he accidentally disclosed his bank card and identity information during the process of borrowing, and then 20,000 yuan of money in the bank card came out. Being turned away by the cheater, I was very anxious.

In the process of the police getting to know Mr. Liu, the cheater has been asking Mr. Liu to verify the code. As a result, the police realized that the money should not have been transferred by offenders.

Mr. Lius 20,000 yuan was transferred to a platform account registered with his personal information by a cheater.

The police later learned that Mr. Liu had become a member of a certain platform in the process of being cheated that day. Judging that the money might have been transferred to the platform by illegal elements, the police immediately contacted the platform staff to confirm that the 20,000 yuan was indeed transferred to the account registered with Mr. Lius information on the platform. Finally, with the help of the platform staff, the police successfully recovered 20,000 yuan. Mr. Liu thanked the police for recovering all his losses in such a short period of time. Police warned that in the process of online, we must pay attention to protecting personal information and not easily divulge personal information in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

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