The price of Yangcheng Lake hairy crab on September 23 is expected to increase by 10percent compared with last year.

 The price of Yangcheng Lake hairy crab on September 23 is expected to increase by 10percent compared with last year.

Modern Express News Yangchengqiu has a wonderful scenery. Yangcheng Lake, which is rippling with green waves, ushered in the most beautiful season of the year and the best time for crab tasting. On September 21, the Yangcheng Lake Cultural Tourism Festival in Xiangcheng City, Suzhou, and the trial catching ceremony of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs opened at Yangcheng Lake Tourism Distribution Center. Crabs are big this year! Happy to eat! Crab farmers happily told the Modern Express.

At the opening of the tourism festival, hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake were also caught on the same day. With the crab boat sailing and crossing the lake, the first basket of hairy crabs was successfully captured. Looking at a hairy crab dancing its teeth and claws, the joy of harvest immediately infected the four guests and friends on the scene.

Crab farmers feed hairy crabs.

Xu Hao, a crab farmer in Yangcheng Lake, told the Modern Express that this year many crab farmers in Yangcheng Lake adopted six or two male crabs and four or two female crabs as their female parent. With moderate illumination, rainfall, cold and heat, the water quality of Yangcheng Lake continued to improve, and the growth of hairy crabs was very good. He said that, in addition to constantly summing up the experience of farming, developing innovations and introducing new and high technology to serve modern agriculture, standardized farming management, putting in uniform standard crab seedlings, uniform feeding time and so on, the survival rate and yield of crabs have been greatly improved.

The scene of the arrest. Contribution by the organizer

It can be said that this years hairy crab is almost the best quality year in recent years. The specifications have been improved a lot. Four or two male crabs and three or two female crabs are estimated to account for half of all Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Xu Hao said that this years price is expected to rise by about 10% compared with previous years, and the size of crabs is about 90 yuan per crab.

Crab farmers show trial crabs. Contribution by the organizer

Modern Express reporters learned that Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs will be officially arrested on September 23, when they will have a good taste.

At the event site, Xiangcheng District also held the signing ceremony of High-speed Railway Tour strategy, and launched two High-speed Railway Tour high-quality routes. Tourists can according to the Royal Kiln Brick Museum - Feng Menglong Memorial Hall - Yangcheng Lake Resort - Xike Hotel (check in) and Royal Kiln Brick Museum - Yangcheng Lake Resort Area - Rose Garden - Yuejie Season. Butterfly to the Boutique Resort Hotel (check in) two routes, visit Xiangcheng.

In addition, the live animation video of Crabs Life premiered, Crab can play hairy crab expression pack fun release, as well as creative crab jamming link, crab cruise, crab shell creative show, etc.

It is reported that the Yangcheng Lake Cultural Tourism Festival also launched four series of activities at the same time, including Crab-flavored Xiangcheng online tourism festival, Hundred Cities, Hundreds of Towns, Chengyi Yangcheng ten thousand tours, Yangcheng Lake natural classroom research notes, Hegemony into ten thousand families the same journey life community linkage month, so that tourists all-round, multi-angle, deep-level. Experience the beauty of Xiangcheng and Yangcheng style.

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