Allies want to break up with the United States?

 Allies want to break up with the United States?

In June 8th, overseas telephone networks were not speculative. Before the United States announced that it would levy tariffs on steel and aluminum in the European Union, Ma long had a very bad call with Trump. For a time, the overwhelming public opinion focused on the contradictions between the two people, and Trump had been pinching with each other on twitter.

According to media reports from CNN and the Capitol, French President Mucklow made several tweets on Trumps protectionism on the 8 day, one of which wrote: the president of the United States may not mind being isolated, but if necessary, we do not mind signing the six countries. Because these six countries represent values, which represent an economic market with a historical background behind them, and now they are truly international forces.

Our values and interests are built on multilateralism, which also includes the interests of the United States. Lets recall the history: isolationism has caused the American people to suffer deeply. I think Trump understands this.

Trade wars are bad for anyone, and the first to suffer is the interests of American workers. Lets reshape the global trade framework and let us follow the same rules.

In one of the tweets, mleron also called no leader is perpetual existence. He used the tweets to satirize American hegemony. In addition, on the 7 day of local time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Michael dragon held a press conference. If we know how to organize ourselves (referring to US allies), the world will not have hegemony.

In this regard, Trump also countered in twitter 2 hours later: tell Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister and President Martin, that they are charging us huge tariffs and making non - monetary trade barriers. The trade surplus between the European Union and the United States is US $151 billion, and Canada affects the livelihoods of our farmers.

In May 31st, Trump announced that it would import tariffs on steel and aluminum for Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Canada and Mexico took retaliatory measures, and the EUs counterattack was on the line. The panic of the trade war was renewed again. The US move has made many allies complain, and the finance ministers of the six countries have voicing their voices to showcase Trump at G7.