The best realm of life is the depth of still water.

 The best realm of life is the depth of still water.

I have endless desire, one day, there will be a quiet corner of my own, quietly watching the clouds, quietly watching the flowers blossom and fade, quietly old into a deep still water.

The more progress this world makes, the farther it seems to be from silence. In the troubled world, how can we solve our worries? We have to be quiet. The best realm of life is the depth of still water.

Some people are willing to climb the highest mountain, some people are willing to drink the strongest wine, and I am more willing to enjoy the quietest sea and the deepest loneliness.

I believe that with a quiet heart, to discover, to feel, to experience the journey of life, we can live a regretless and unique life.

The unpredictability of life tells us to shine a light of hope for ourselves at all times; the miscellaneous flavor of life tells us that walking in the secular world, we should have a heart that is not secular and not drift with the flow.

Live to a certain age, suddenly there is a kind of insight, suddenly began to think about the meaning of life, suddenly began to understand that the ultimate success of life is quiet, quiet away.

In the days of fireworks shackles, I pursue an indisputable low-key life, which is not happy with things but not sad with myself. I stick to the posture of microwave upset for all the confusion.

If we say that life is a process of continuous enlightenment, then the deepest understanding, I think, is to accept and revere the impermanence of life, or joy or sorrow, all maintain a kind of piety without alarm.

The most beautiful thing in this world must be quiet. The most beautiful emotion, is quiet, the most beautiful words, is quiet, the most beautiful mood, must come from quiet experience.

Life is like this, when we are in the most beautiful years often can not understand it, and when we understand it, want to cherish it, often Fanghua has passed away, and then wonderful opening, the end is only a wisp of smoke.

Every year, old and new reincarnation, everything seems to have not changed, everything seems to be reborn. Originally, any intersection of the body temperature of life, in the end, is only a fantasy. Originally, people live a lifetime, disturbing to the end, but only to restore to the original appearance.

After thousands of sails have passed, looking across the shore, the wind is light, the clouds are light, the still water is a pool, across the heart and the wilderness, everything has passed, those flowers, those stories, those beautiful and sad...

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