How difficult it is for Tongji to get a high number of students, you know what you have learned.

 How difficult it is for Tongji to get a high number of students, you know what you have learned.

The main reason why you cant learn high mathematics is that the way you open it is wrong. And the teaching material as a guide to help you open the door of high mathematics, also can not escape the blame.

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Every university has a tree, called Gaoshu, on which many people hang. Theres a grave next to it, called calculus, where many people are buried.

Whether your school motto is erudite, practical and innovative; whether you are learning science, engineering, business, agriculture, medicine, military, higher mathematics is a difficult subject for most college students.

Even many liberal arts majors have to take Advanced Mathematics in Liberal Arts, so that many freshmen who have passed the college entrance examination think they have finally got rid of the magic of mathematics can return to their nightmares.

Yao Ming, who clicked on the NBA stadium at that time, could not escape the high number of magic claws. Yao Ming, who graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University after seven years of hard work, said: In the years of studying in school, I have thought about quitting more than once, especially in high school mathematics class... [2

If you go to university in China, you will probably use Tongji version of Higher Mathematics textbook. Whether its the fifth, sixth, or the latest seventh edition, theres always one edition that can give you mixed tastes.

This green book for Chinese college students is enough to be a nightmare for millions of people.

Why are we all using Tongji edition of Higher Mathematics?

Its so difficult to get high numbers. Should this pot recite math with Tongji?


History Chooses Tongji Mathematics

It has been rumored that the Tongji edition of Higher Mathematics is the top three book in circulation in China. This is not necessarily true, but the circulation of Tongji Mathematics is really large.

According to statistics, Tongji Higher Mathematics has been published for 61 years, with a total circulation of more than 60 million copies. Generations of college students have been unable to sleep at night, just to have a look at this book before the exam.

Searching for higher mathematics textbooks on Taobao. According to the order of sales, the top 21 are all Tongji edition of Higher Mathematics. Sales are only second to Tongji Mathematics edition of Mathematics Analysis of East China Normal University. Sales are less than one tenth of the seventh edition of Tongji Mathematics.

Tongji University, with its beautiful scenery, was born like a devils kiss in Tongji Higher Mathematics/[email protected] University.

On the Beijing-East Web site, Tongji Higher Mathematics, the seventh edition, has more than 170,000 evaluations. The other two popular textbooks, Mathematical Analysis of East China Normal University and Advanced Mathematics of Peking University, have received only 6,300 and 5,500 evaluations respectively.

It can be seen that Tongji edition of mathematics is an unrivalled textbook guru.

In the early 1950s, Chinese higher education took the Soviet Union as its teacher and learnt from the Soviet Union. The teaching syllabus of the Soviet Union was used in all universities. Professor Fan Yingchuan of Tongji University, referring to the textbook of the Soviet Union, compiled the Lectures on Higher Mathematics, which became the earliest self-compiled textbook in New China [4] [5] [7].

Fan Yingchuans Lectures on Higher Mathematics is the predecessor of Tongji Higher Mathematics, which is widely used now. Everyone will change, but the high number will not, the high number will not be.

At that time, the Department of mathematics of Tongji University was merged into Fudan University. The major of mathematics of Tongji University only retained basic engineering teaching work. The Department of mathematics was suspended until 1980, when it officially resumed [10] [11].

It can be said that compiling the textbook of mathematics suitable for engineering is one of the main tasks of mathematics teachers in Tongji University at that time. They also laid the foundation for this extremely difficult high number.

By the mid-1980s, Tongjis Higher Mathematics Lectures had reached nearly 10 million copies.

The 61th anniversary of the publication of Higher Mathematics textbook was held in Tongji University. No textbook has become a learning guide and a pamphlet of insomnia for generations like Tongji Higher Mathematics.

Mathematics is a basic subject. Since Newton and Leibniz founded calculus in the 1960s, after more than 300 years of development, the contents and knowledge points of Higher Mathematics in universities have been perfected. Textbooks do not need to be updated quickly. Old textbooks are often more classical.

For example, Calculus and Analysis Geometry, a classic American university mathematics textbook, was first published in 1952 and is still widely used by universities all over the world. Another book, Mathematical alanalysis, which is now widely used in American universities, is now 62 years old.

If you can get 60 points, you can be my boyfriend. Even Little Times knows how difficult it is to test high numbers.

By contrast, textbooks in some disciplines are hard to live long.

For example, it is also a national planning textbook. The Visual Basic Programming Practical Course edited by Tsinghua University was a compulsory textbook for many computer students before 2010. Now, computer majors have already begun to learn various new languages [8] [12].


Not the strongest school in mathematics, but the strongest textbooks.

Many people will think that Tongjis mathematics textbooks are so good, so Tongjis mathematics must be very good, right? In fact, Tongjis professional strength in mathematics is not the strongest in domestic universities, at least not as strong as the textbooks.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education evaluated the subjects according to the indicators of teachers, quality of personnel training and scientific research level. Tongji Mathematics Major only got A-, lower than Beijing University, Fudan University, Shanda University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University and other 9 universities that got A.

On the other hand, there are about 30 academicians of mathematics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, including Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University and so on. No academician of Mathematics Specialty works in the Department of Mathematics of Tongji University, and there is no academician of mathematics in Tongji history.

From this point of view, the level of Tongjis mathematics department has not occupied the leading position in the whole country like the textbooks they compiled.

However, this may also be the reason why Tongji Mathematics can be popular.

The textbooks compiled by strong mathematics schools are often aimed at students majoring in mathematics, which are more theoretical and difficult, and have different orientations.

For example, it also covers limit, calculus, infinite series, analytic function and so on. Mathematics majors will use Mathematics Analysis textbooks which are more inclined to reasoning proof, while science and engineering majors use Higher Mathematics textbooks which are inclined to application and calculation.

On September 9, 2018, in Jining, Shandong Province, college students filled their notebooks with mathematical problems and formulas. Except for a few art majors, almost all students have to study high mathematics.

In fact, even for students of Mathematics Department of Tongji University, the textbook of high mathematics used now is not produced by Tongji, but the edition of Mathematical Analysis of East China Normal University.

The science and engineering majors of Beijing University, Fudan University and Shandong University did not use Tongji Edition of Higher Mathematics as a textbook of higher mathematics, but used the self-compiled textbooks of our university.

Many schools with excellent mathematics majors have compiled their own mathematics textbooks, and many of them are compiled by mathematicians.

In the 1970s, Hua Luogeng was discussing mathematics with his assistant. These masters have also compiled textbooks for advanced mathematics/Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The textbooks they compiled were not limited by the unified syllabus, nor did they have a strict demarcation line between analysis, algebra and geometry in the traditional sense. They were a breakthrough in the textbooks of the former Soviet Union. However, because of the inconsistency between the content structure and the traditional syllabus, it has not been widely used [5].

Tongji Higher Mathematics, compiled strictly in accordance with the syllabus, has a larger audience. Most majors in most colleges and universities are required to study, except those in the mathematics department. As a result, this textbook is accompanied by a lot of college students crying hard.


Tongji Mathematics is too difficult

Even though the Tongji edition of Higher Mathematics is widely printed, many people still complain that they cant understand it. Do you know how to learn high math? Should Tongji learn math in this pot?

In fact, the content of advanced mathematics is not advanced, it is only for Elementary Mathematics such as arithmetic, elementary algebra and elementary geometry, and it is all old-fashioned.

At that time, the worlds mathematical level probably just reached the present level of Senior Three. So the content of high numbers should be just right for most of the students who have just entered the university.

On June 4, 2018, senior three students of a high school in southeastern Guizhou studied by themselves at night in a classroom full of books. They certainly didnt expect to be able to cope with Senior Three Mathematics, but they couldnt cope with College Mathematics.

The main reason why you cant learn high mathematics is that the way you open it is wrong. And the teaching material as a guide to help you open the door of high mathematics, also can not escape the blame.

For historical reasons, the mathematics textbooks of Chinese universities use the teaching model and knowledge system of the former Soviet Union. Mathematics education in the Soviet model pursues the systematicness and integrity of subject content. Therefore, the content of the textbook is large and complete, and all the contents must be rigorous.

For example, in Tongji edition of Higher Mathematics, the editor introduced the concept of limit to students as the basis of calculus, but in fact, the definition of limit was created more than 100 years after Newton and Leibniz invented calculus. [16

Nowadays, the heart-shaped formulas used by various science and engineering poets are actually quite unfamiliar to people in the 17th century. It is rumored that Descartes expressed them through the heart-shaped formulas, which is more like a far-fetched affiliation of later generations.

In order to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the definition, the editors broke the rule of gradual learning of mathematics, and prematurely stuffed the most abstract and obscure parts to the students, thus making them lose the fun of exploration.

Its like a novice player who lets you remember the lethality of all weapons, the speed of all vehicles, the location map of all resource points before skydiving to eat chicken.

Although this may help you eat chicken early, its more likely that you decided to give up the game because you cant remember so many parameters.

Take another example:

In explaining derivative, Tongji Mathematics first gives the definition of derivative, and then directly gives the derivative formula of f(x)=x by definition. This is actually not in line with the process of mathematical knowledge generation.

In the sixth edition of Tongji Higher Mathematics, after giving the definition of derivative, the derivative formula of power function is obtained through mathematical calculation. Although accurate, it loses the process of letting students deduce guesses by themselves.

In fact, the pleasure of studying mathematics lies in the process from special to general, from conjecture to proof. Thats why mathematicians like Goldbach and Riemann are so keen to put forward mathematical guesses, while other mathematic bulls are so keen to prove them.

If there is no conjecture, just learning mathematics according to the textbook, it becomes a set of formulas of back definition. And thats how many of us learn high school math.

In this way, students not only learn the definition and proof of derivatives, but also learn the ability to summarize mathematical conclusions by looking for rules.

If we cant understand mathematical concepts, well memorize them by rote. / [email protected]

For example, when introducing the natural logarithmic base number e, Tongji high number derives this important mathematical constant by calculating the limit of (1+1/n). But what does this irrational number equal to 2.718 have to do with us, which is not introduced in the book.

There are many examples in some European and American classical textbooks. But in Tongji Mathematics, you seldom see it. No wonder you dont understand what the symbols in mathematics mean.

Mathematics girl Heidao calculates her interpersonal relationship with her good math skills/Japanese drama Its your turn

So next time you are asked why the senior mathematicians cant always learn, you can say that its because Tongji Mathematics is too difficult.

But think again, when you go to college, no teacher repeats a point of knowledge. After class, you can arrange exercises in books at most. In class, you are dizzy, and after class, you dont practice. Its more difficult to learn high numbers.

At this time, you cant blame Tongji Mathematics alone, but also yourself.

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