Wang Han, the host, was appointed to the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee until January 2023.

 Wang Han, the host, was appointed to the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee until January 2023.

The governor of Changan Street (Wechat ID: Capitalnews) noted that among the 27 people employed, there were not only long-term scholars engaged in the study of clean government, such as Professor Deng Lianfan, Professor Yuan Baishun, but also grass-roots front-line cadres and private entrepreneurs, such as Mao Chunshan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaoshan Village, Tan Congsheng, Chairman of Jinhuang Industry and so on.

As for Wang Han, this is not the first time he has entered the Hunan Discipline Commission. As early as July 2017, in his capacity as a member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, he got to know 48 colleagues in the talk room on the spot, watched the TV feature film Loyalty, Clean and Duty, and exchanged with Fu Kui, Secretary of the Provincial Discipline Commission.

Wang Han asked how the Provincial Discipline Commission should strengthen its cooperation with the media. Fu Kui said, On the one hand, we should take the initiative to accept the supervision of society, including the media, and become conscious behavior. On the other hand, we should innovate propaganda methods and dare to act. We will do a good job of propaganda with an open mind.

In this regard, Wang Han said that he has gained a lot. In addition to realizing the important role of the Discipline Commission, his hard work and efforts, he also said that he should consciously strengthen working contacts with the Commission and timely communicate and report on relevant information.

In fact, besides well-known hosts, Wang Han is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and the Democratic Progressive Central Committee. Among them, he was added to the provincial CPPCC Committee in December 2011, and elected to the provincial CPPCC Standing Committee in January 2018, and served as vice-director of the Committee on Culture, Education, Health, Culture and History.

In recent years, around the peoples livelihood, Wang Han has constantly put forward suggestions, such as abolishing the road and bridge fees, running opera Spring Festival Gala, inheriting and protecting dialects, and promoting rooting. Through his joint efforts with other parties, the annual fare system of urban road and bridge tolls was abolished in early 2015, and the first Hunan opera Spring Festival Gala in 2016 also landed one after another.

The governor of Changan Street (Wechat ID: Capitalnews) noted that Wang Han was a member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference when he joined the China Association for the Promotion of Democracy. In April 2014, he went to the Peoples Advancement Hunan Provincial Party Committee to report some ideas he wished to join. Subsequently, he joined the large family of peoples advancement. In December 2015, at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Movement, he was added as a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Movement.

He said: Before I was in the non-partisan sector of the Hunan CPPCC, but when I learned about the deeds of Democratic leaders such as Ma Xulun, Zhou Jianren, Zhao Puchu, Lei Jieqiong and so on, I was moved by their great personality and attracted by the Democratic advancement.

His feelings for the peoples advancement can be seen from his actions. On January 2, 2019, Wang Han went to the organ of the Minjin Hunan Provincial Committee to pay his membership fee, which is the first day of the third year of his new year to pay his membership fee to the organization.

Haixia has cooperated with the National Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission for many times. For example, in January 2018, Haixia made the first video for the directory of Discipline See column on the website of the Commission of Discipline, introducing five kinds of Party discipline sanctions. In March, the video Supervision Law Comes, Closely Connected with You and Me was presented as the title of the newly born law.

As a special inspector, how should the host perform his duties? Perhaps Haixias answer can inspire the media in the special inspectors.

She said: In the program, I will better broadcast propaganda work content of discipline inspection and supervision; at the same time, I can cooperate with the Propaganda Department of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to launch more diverse and content-rich programs, and a quick penetration of a three or five-minute video may help a person and save a person.

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