Koizumi Shinjiros speech was overwhelmed by netizens Tucao: I dont understand your poems.

 Koizumi Shinjiros speech was overwhelmed by netizens Tucao: I dont understand your poems.

Koizumi Jinjiro answers questions from reporters (Asahi News)

Overseas Network, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) The newly appointed Japanese environment minister, Koizumi Jinjiro, visited Fukushima Prefecture, where a nuclear accident occurred, and answered questions from reporters on the issue of decontamination of nuclear waste. But his answer is too general, and the Japanese netizens are crazy about it.

Koizumi visited Fukushima Prefecture on the same day and reiterated plans to transfer contaminated nuclear waste stored in the prefecture to other prefectures by 2045, Asahi Television reported on the 17th. A reporter asked, No progress has been made in the discussion of the final disposal site. Please explain the current situation and future plans. Koizumi answered, This is an agreement with all Fukushima residents. In order to comply with this agreement, I will do my best.

After being questioned by reporters, Please explain in detail, Koizumi made such a reply: Just after the disaster, when I think about myself 30 years later, I think about what I will become 30 years later. So as long as Im healthy, I think as a possible politician, I can see if I can abide by the agreement in 30 years. So I think I have the responsibility to do it.

Koizumi also expressed his views on education in Fukushima Prefecture, saying that education is not just temporary support and it is the idea of responsibility for studentslives, including after entering society, that supports our efforts so far. Finally, I concluded: I want to make every effort to implement the 30-year agreement with this belief.

However, Japanese netizens are puzzled by Koizumis statement that he first talked about himself 30 years later, and then launched it through his own educational viewpoint. At last, they did not explain why they did their best. They said that they did not understand what they said.

Sorry, Jijiros poem, I didnt understand it.

Koizumi Jinjiro said something that felt like that, but in fact he said nothing. This kind of person can only inspire others through the atmosphere, but its better to stop at the right time. Its impossible to achieve the atmosphere.

Its unbelievable to say how you feel (without answering specific policies).

In his speech entitled Post-disaster Rehabilitation in Sendai on September 6, Koizumi made a similar inexplicable remark: I think we should not only focus on the supported party, but also on the future disaster areas, so that we can achieve the full play of the Japanese style of disaster recovery and national construction.

Asked at the inauguration ceremony on September 11 about the idea of nuclear power generation, he also answered, Hope to think carefully about how to eliminate it completely instead of retaining it.

Koizumi Jinjiro, born in a political family, is Junichiro Koizumis second son. With his high face value and high education, Koizumi has become a topical figure since he entered the political arena. He is regarded as the signboard and star of tomorrow of the Liberal Democratic Party, and has been quite eye-catching in various polls of Prime Minister candidates. Japan Economic News poll on the candidate for the next prime minister shows that Koizumis voting rate is 29%, 11% higher than Abes. Japanese media likened him to Mark Long of Japan.

During the cabinet reshuffle, Abe promoted Koizumi Jinjiro, a political star, which was called a dramatic reshuffle by Japanese media. This caused heated discussions in Tokyos political circles and speculation about the successor of the Prime Minister.

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