Some men are beautiful and nothing happens to girls.

 Some men are beautiful and nothing happens to girls.

This dress design is to guide the correct gender outlook. If you look at it narrowly, fashion will always be blocked outside the door. A netizen who does not want to be named

Hey, isnt this my bathroom rubbing? Bath balls are four for a dollar??? A netizen who does not want to be named

In the eyes of Yi Jie, whether it is Tremella or Bath Balls which weakens the gender characteristics, whether from the artistic or gender boundaries, it is a bold attempt by Wuli Aidoukun.

In daily life, many men wear womens clothes not only not strange, but also formed their own unique style, bringing a cross-gender aesthetic feeling, together with Kangkang men who love womens clothes.~

Big men who love womens clothes best

Top1 Quan Zhilong

In fact, in many young people nowadays, the gender difference between men and women is gradually narrowing down with the development of society. Some cool ladies and sisters are playing with street culture like girlcrush. Some men are pursuing feminization, and the visual impact of this anti-gender seems to be years old. There is a new trend among the young people.

And GD is the handlebars of the fashion world, not only to highlight their matching skills, but also to wear womens clothes out of the manlike style of the big man, such as this one.

Fashion trendsetter GD wears a female jacket, but has done a lot of processing in detail to weaken the feminine. For example, this hip-hopping silver metal necklace, riveted waistband and fashionable sports watch. With a pair of super-black eyes, cool and energetic, it is difficult to let people not pay attention to it! I cant help but wonder what kind of genetic lottery did this win?

Yi Jie noticed that besides dyeing a dazzling hair, GD also liked to wear this kind of small fragrant cloth jacket. Whether attending an event or performing, the emergence rate of this single item was definitely his first choice of popularity. Whether its feminized tassels or bright red, GD shows his outstanding ability in dressing.

Top2 Zhang Guorong

Cheng Butterfly Clothes in Farewell My Concubine

His Long Hair Perspective Dress Style at the Enthusiasm Concert

Zhang Guorong conveys a vague beauty across the sexes, which is also his own artistic pursuit, as his own line sings, I am me, is not the same fireworks.

Like cos circle always has a long hair, male and female indistinguishable starry field, think that Yi Jie almost fell in love with his flourishing beauty!

Xingye is a professional model. His usual job is to take pictures and show love on Weibo. Sister Yi also eats a lot of dog food.

In this picture, he seems to have come out of the ancient manga, with a kind of feminine and natural beauty of Wei and Jin Dynasty. Looking at the delicate five senses and deep eyebrows, I sighed that every photo was a work of art.

And this photo is even more powerful, cos directly the girl wearing pearl earrings in the works of 17th century Dutch miniature painter Vermeer. This painting is currently stored in Amsterdam National Museum, and Sino is full of reductions!

In addition to the male stars who have worn womens clothes at ordinary times, there are also some big cafes in the circle of forced business. Now male stars in the entertainment circle not only need to look handsome and dress well, but also can sing and perform. Sometimes, in order to meet the entertainment needs, they even need to dress up as womens dressers.

But they can dress up no worse than those ladies and sisters of the womens league. Lets enjoy the beauty of this flourishing age together with Miss Yi.

Zhu Bishi, a popular comic actress in a certain program, is a 100,000-pink online celebrity, which seems to have been similar to the hot-eyed feeling. It reminds Yi Jie that there is nothing wrong with a woman when a man is beautiful (lang).

Zhu Bishi admits that she likes red and pink, and her favorite accessories are Hairbands and skirts full of feminine charm. Does she always have long curly hair and face 100% with an Asian dancer (Luo Zhixiang)?

It is said that inches are the only criterion to test handsome men. Not recently, Wang Yuans younger brother, who cut his inches, has also ushered in his new college life.

And Zhu Zhengting of NINEPERCENT

You think hes like that on stage.

Or so

But wait... whats the matter with this silvery Marilyn Monroe?

Rapper Chaozhou Pharaoh once said that if Yang and Su of Living Dead Brand won the championship, he and his teammate Elves would go to wear JK dress. Interested friends could watch the video. Sister Yis friendship hint: Watching is risky, opening needs caution!

The Pharaoh in the video is completely down by the face of his teammate, the elves. I want to lament that the elves grew up eating lovely. I wonder if Pharaoh himself will look back at this highlight moment of life?

Well, after all that, who is Queen in your heart? Source: Netease Fashion Author: Netease Fashion Responsible Editor: Liu Qianyi_NB12476

Well, after all that, who is Queen in your heart?