The Chinese Womens Volleyball Team has won four games and won one game without losing Lang Pings on-the-spot command.

 The Chinese Womens Volleyball Team has won four games and won one game without losing Lang Pings on-the-spot command.

Never fight unprepared battles

In fact, every victory of Chinese womens volleyball team depends on full preparation to win. It is a tradition for Chinese womens volleyball team to watch the video of their opponents before each match and train them in preparation for the match. This World Cup is no exception.

In the first match, before the match against Korea, Chinese womens volleyball team not only studied the opponents thoroughly, but also went to the competition venues in advance for adaptability training. In this way, the Chinese womens volleyball team can not unexpectedly fully grasp the situation on the field.

Against Russia, especially, Lang Ping said in an interview after the match, Todays game we have made full preparations, especially in the service and pass links, which is a key point, because the Russian team has a high net mouth, if we improve the quality of the pass, we can play faster.

The reason why Lang Ping emphasizes serving is that the Russian teams serving tactics are very confusing. Before each serve, the Russian team will send several players to stand in front of the net and stretch out their arms to cover the eyes of the Chinese womens volleyball team.

Wang Mengjie, a freelancer, said after the match that the whole team had made full preparations for the Russian teams strategy of blocking sight by serving. Male coaches stand in front of the net and imitate the Russian team, which makes us not feel inadequate in the game.

It is precisely with sufficient preparation before this match that Chinese womens volleyball team can achieve a complete set in four matches.

Competitive competition, always accompanied by a variety of accidents, at this time the coachs on-the-spot command is very important, Lang Ping wants to be rich in experience in this area.

In the first match against Korea, the Chinese womens volleyball team once had some little tangles, and the playerssense of space and the rhythm between buttons were not yet adapted. Lang Ping on the sidelines could see these problems clearly. She shouted from time to time to remind the players to jump slowly and pay more attention to details.

Such on-the-spot command can also be seen in the second match against Cameroon. Due to the relative weakness of the opponent, Lang Ping dispatched a full-backup line-up to play, but the young players did not respond adequately on the spot. When they met the unreasonable hard-fought players like Cameroon, they seemed to be in a bit of a panic. Especially in the third game, it was once played by the opponent at the beginning of 7:1. Seeing this, Lang Ping immediately called a suspension, replaced the main players Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu, successfully stabilized the situation, a wave took away the opponent.

The accident happened again yesterday against Dominica. Gong Xiangyu accidentally collided with Li Yingying while defending and saving the ball, and his finger was stabbed. Lang Ping on the sidelines resolutely replaced Zhang Changning and let her be a guest. The effect of this substitution was also reflected very quickly. Zhang Changning knelt down to defend his opponent from smashing in an attack. Zhu Ting, standing near the net mouth, took off in situ and scored a smash with his backhand, which restrained his opponents counter-attack.

Source: Responsible Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Cao Lie-e_NS1806