Shifting the new dress is a beautiful woman World 3 Hanfu campaign voting hot open

 Shifting the new dress is a beautiful woman World 3 Hanfu campaign voting hot open

After the final results of the selection are announced, the top players will get many good courtesies such as Hanshang Hualian, Hanshang Hualian, Hanshang Hualian, Hanshang Drunk Drunk Drunk Dream and Tianxiang, Zhuoyao Zhiya, Dai Dyn Blue and White Hand-made, Out-of-print Game Titles Yuncai Yaji Jinyi Tongyou, Jinling Dude, Forum Mysterious Medal, Active & Popular Value, etc.

Not much to say, you call the figure is really beautiful. Beautiful Linkage Hanfu is right in front of us, wash duck quickly! ___________

Luxurious dress feast, all over the world! LOFTER Beautiful Chinese Dress Photo Handling!

How can we sit around 3000 beautiful women and see the worlds flowers? In the newly added Jinyi Tiantian section of the game World 3 built-in Great Famine Stories, a large number of beautiful pictures of Chinese costumes uploaded by the users of LOFTER software and handled by the official personally are in business! Cold, gentle, lovely, handsome, chic, sunny... The front is about to usher in a big wave of Beauty Strike, but also have their own Hanfei gas field bonus, you, ready?

Conjecture about the ending of the mystery series! The real murderer is...

The third episode of the new series Secret Way and Doubt Clouds of World 3 is now on the line! In the first two stages of the trial, the five suspects in the secret passage seem to have the motive and opportunity to kill Ying. But after a discussion with Zhou Shensha, we found that these five people also hide some secrets, so we have this secret clouds? Re-exploration of the task content, namely: second inquiry! The results were unexpected. Killing, but never? Whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more, whats more? What great changes will be brought about by the Zhu clan slaughtered that year and the three brothers who lost their lives and died in the struggle for their successors? To accomplish this task, we will also get secret ways and doubts? Explore the story again. All things, just wait for you to reveal!

The eleventh anniversary of World 3 in 2019 marks that we love our dreams! More headlines like Golden and Autumn New Fashion Treasures in World 3, please lock us in! This September, we are waiting for you in the wilderness!

World 3 is a 3DMMORPG independently developed by Netease, which is full of exploration and opportunities. It shows a magnificent and colorful virtual world. World 3 in 2019 expansion film Dream of Red Dust heavy attack! Hundred Flowers Deep Palace, Thousand Secrets Road brand-new map, Longmen Inn innovative battlefield, sophisticated, step-by-step surprise, killing everywhere; the scenery of Tiangong City, such as dream like Wutong Hall, is the prediction or the truth, the future or the bubble? There is a new wardrobe, free collocation, a key to change, just for your beautiful world!

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