IP Products Collection NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition

 IP Products Collection NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition

Inclusion, Openness, Diversity, Different Competition Strategies

Of course, when it comes to electronic competition, the fixed thinking inside and outside the industry holds that electronic competition needs to be rooted in MOBA, tactical competition and other products that emphasize pure fair competition. In principle, this statement is not wrong, but it restricts the diversification of the form of competition itself, and makes the concept of competition narrow and flat, which is not conducive to the long-term healthy development of the competition industry.

Typical example is that the main fair competitive products often need high DAU, that is, a large number of active users to ensure the healthy operation of the matching system, to bring the players an ideal game experience. Only by emphasizing MOBA and tactical competition can we get involved in electronic competition. It is easy to form the phenomenon of over-concentration of resources to a small number of products, which leads to external heat, internal cooling, top-heavy and foot-heavy. In fact, it is not conducive to the discovery of new products and new projects. On the contrary, it is also difficult to provide benefits for the diversification of competition.

Essentially, as a kind of extension of game ecology, electronic competition plays a significant role in stimulating players to activate the user ecology, winning a wider audience for the game, and has excellent universality. And the overall layout of Yin-Yang division IP competition, in fact, also coincides with the Yin-Yang division has been the strategy.

In August 2018, when Ding Yingfeng, the co-president of Netease Game, announced Neteases NeXT brand, some players of Yinyang division took a wait-and-see attitude, but apparently underestimated the determination of Yinyang division IP not to stick to conventions. In fact, the competitive gene of Yin-Yang Division has already been revealed. In addition to the original PVP method, Yin-Yang Division has also introduced fighting for pups and game of all kinds of ghosts to explore the competitive potential of products. Based on the continuous spillover of playerscompetitive demand, the MOBA product Final Battle was derived. Pingan Jing, Yin and Yang Division: Baiwen Brand, Yin and Yang Division: Monster House are three other IP products.

When the product became famous in 2016, which was beyond the expectation of everyone and even Netease itself, Jin Tao, the producer of Yinyang Shi, said in an interview that the content iteration space of Yinyang Shi IP is almost infinite. The teams open attitude towards IP has played an important guiding role for Yinyang Teachers to enrich their IP matrix.

From linkage to musicals, from comics to instant noodles, from movies to electronic competitions, the different Charms brought by different carriers have always been the pursuit of Yinyang IP.

In the view of New Weekly, the body of a big company, the spirit of independent games is the reason why Yinyang IP has succeeded. It stands out not by following the existing routines, but by taking a new path and daring to be ignored. Jintao summed up the development strategy of Yin-Yang division IP as bold to do something that touches people, not the mean.

GameLook believes that in a rapidly changing market environment, the love of players is both an affirmation and a sweet burden. The more popular IP, the stronger the need for fast iteration of high-quality content.

Competition is the best carrier to carry this task. For example, Neteases NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition is a gathering of 16 games under Netease, Blizzard and SNK. The total prize of the competition exceeds 3 million yuan, covering more than 100,000 registered audition players. More than 500 contestants/commentators participate in online and offline tournaments, and 21 domestic and foreign live broadcasting platforms participate in the whole course of the competition. NeXT ushered in a grand and grand whole. New season.

High-quality content of the game can bring players a new experience of watching the game. In addition to enjoying the strong confrontation and increasing the connection between players and games, NetEase NeXT 2019 Autumn Competition also further enhances the playersparticipation experience and activates the game user ecology by means of game props welfare feedback, customization of the competition schedule, battle response group and 3D virtual studio.

Netease NeXT, the late-developed brand of electronic competition, has also become the foothold of the ecological layout of Yinyang Division IP electronic competition. Choosing the logic behind Netease NeXT is not simply the same as Netease, but more from the combination of the two. The biggest characteristic of Netease NeXT is that it is not only the first-party event sponsored by game manufacturers, but also the third-party event that gathers a large number of products (not limited to Netease). Because most of the third-party events are sponsored by commercial organizations, there will be sufficient funds and skilled capital operation mode. The advantage of the first-party competition lies in the discovery of the ecological benefits of electronic competition to users, allowing upstream manufacturers to enhance product popularity and expand brand influence in the way of competition, offset the input of the competition, and develop a variety of business models in the follow-up. Netease Electric Competition NeXT benefits from synthesizing the advantages of the two and avoiding the shortcomings of both sides. Finally, to a certain extent, it reverses the predicament of the new game making electric competition difficult, demonstrates the inclusiveness of non-traditional electric competition events, as well as the strong thrust for the rapid growth of new game electric competition projects.

In other words, the layout of Yinyang Division IP competition chooses NetEase competition NeXT as the starting platform. In fact, it also chooses a fast lane, which meets the urgent expectation of Yinyang Division IP competition ecological rapid prototyping.

To be one of the top comprehensive competitions in China, the long-term development can be expected in the future

Thanks to the huge potential energy released by gathering resources, the rapid prototyping of Yinyang Divisions IP competitive ecosystem has become evident. The advantages of this 1 + 1 > 2 mode also play a role in NeXT itself. The Spring NeXT 2019, which ended in June, has grown into one of the largest comprehensive events in the country.

More importantly, the advantage of NeXT lies in the convergence and scale effect of dispersed resources in the original market, not only providing a good stage for new games with shallow foundations, but also empowering the well-known classical products, giving them the ability to further expand their influence and deepen the IP layout.

This is exactly what classical IP needs urgently. Unlike emerging IP, classical IP has fixed fans, and potential user development is basically perfect. It is difficult to further promote the work. Under the effect of the stock market, user acquisition costs are often very high, and it is constantly in the sawing battle of user loss and veteran player recall, which consumes the energy of game manufacturers.

In the past, during the demographic dividend period with the rapid growth of the market, game makers were keen on user laundering in order to quickly cash in value, because of the constant flow of traffic, without considering the brand connotation and word-of-mouth. But now the content dividend prevails, pay more attention to the new generation of an IP. Speaking with high-quality content and the rising demand for playersquality make the classic IP a hundred feet pole head further become a major difficulty.

Benefiting from the status of comprehensive events, NetEase NeXT can dive deeper in the market and reach different brand users better. Under the influence of NetEase NeXT unified brand, on the one hand, IP can reach a wider user group, on the other hand, it can interact with other project brands to cross-amplify, and ultimately help game electric power. The road of competition is faster and more stable. It also makes the game free from continuous involution and has more possibilities.

In a sense, every NeXT competition of Netease is actually a huge group linkage, in the autumn of 2019, which started on September 16, the IP participation in linkage continues to increase new faces.


Like Yin and Yang Shi, Neteases NeXT competition faced a severe challenge at the beginning. When it entered the competition, there was no first-mover advantage and market resources were highly concentrated. There seemed to be too many reasons to be daunting. However, NeXT did not follow the existing rules, but opened up a new way to rapidly rise the pain points of direct product and IP development. Nowadays, Netease NeXT has become one of the largest comprehensive competitions in China, but its journey may have just begun.