Yang Pilin and Li Ronghao: Marriage is the best way to look at love

 Yang Pilin and Li Ronghao: Marriage is the best way to look at love


Li Ronghao and Yang Pilin have been running for years. In the past few years, there are not many storms that can affect their emotions. But what do you say about love and happiness? Think hard, but not intentionally. But its not the best way to go from romance to marriage. We are optimistic about the outcome. Happiness is hard to come by.

Or we are all kind people. But in this world, who doesnt want to be gentle? Yes, you said that it doesnt matter whether you can get married or not. This statement is nothing more than self-deception. We dont play hooligans, but we dont fall in love for the purpose of marriage - how many people are there, you say? Even if so, how many people really have love and cherish it? Its nothing more than wearing the emperors new clothes.



Not necessarily, all couples are like Li Ronghao and Yang Henglin. Look, whats their everyday life like. Love belongs to love. Careers still have to work hard. Only in this way can we not be classified as strong men and weak women and strong women and weak men. There is no concept of being equal to each other, at least there is a struggle for balance of power. (Wen/Piaoyutong) The future direction is the same, so joint efforts seem precious.

Marriage is the best form of love, so we must sincerely wish Yang Pilin and Li Ronghao: Happiness, happiness!