Mayili: Womens greatest ability is to have the right to emotional choice.

 Mayili: Womens greatest ability is to have the right to emotional choice.


Mayili also talked about his role in The Far Away, Lu Xiaoou. She believed that Lu Xiaoou was a brave woman with absolute choice, and admitted that she could not do it compared with her role. Well, is it another pleasant though unable to reach, yearning for? Well, lets just talk about it. Womens greatest ability is to have the right to emotional choice. But its too difficult.

Nowadays, what problems people encounter and what difficulties they face are too difficult for the first time. Do you really have the right to choose between work, life and emotion? The situation is stronger than others, and we can only make the most compromise choice. As the saying goes, the two interests should be weighed equally while the two harms should be weighed equally. Do you think you can really listen to your inner voice and make your own decisions?

This year, Ma Yili and the article chose to divorce. This choice should be put forward by Mayili. This time, she faced the truest voice in her heart. But it was a really tough decision for her. You know, Mayili and the article have two children. They all need to grow up in healthy native families, and their parentsdivorce has more or less negative effects. However, this marriage must end.


Really free and easy, really live through the woman, is by no means Mayili. What is the right to emotional choice? Love is love, its time to pat, its time to get married. Anyway, everything you want to do is done one by one. If she doesnt love her, she will turn around and leave. Emotionally, there is cleanliness and no impurities can be tolerated. The other party may be really good, but please stay away from your world.

Mayili still told the truth: We are all human beings, people have seven passions and six desires will make mistakes, not necessarily so perfect. After all, we are human beings, and there will be moments beyond our power. Yeah, how many women can make their own choices? Women, men are no exception. The choice of emotional world, if it is two-way best. If you choose unilaterally, dont regret it.

In the emotional world, the right to choose freely is the real skill. But more women choose to confess. Love, its hard to say a word.