Men love you or not, you can see in bed

 Men love you or not, you can see in bed

My girlfriend looked at her with a little hatred and whispered, Such a boyfriend, lets kick it.

Li Mao pretended not to hear her. She leaned slowly against her girlfriend, and a pain came from her abdominal knife.

She took a deep breath in pain. From her appendicitis operation hospitalization to now, Gu Ning has only appeared once from beginning to end.

In fact, she is quite discontented, plus just a girlfriend, her heart like a mixer, rumbling stirred her mind.


She and Gu Ning do not know each other.

The two had previously participated in a business fair as representatives of each others companies.

That day, Li Mo was in a hurry to get information in the car and was hit by a man at the door. The red wine in the mans hand just spilled on her white skirt.

Li Mo looked at the dirty white skirt with some irritation. Cant you look at it while walking?

Sorry, Ill pay for that. The mans voice was flustered.

Li Mo looked up at the boy with beautiful eyebrows and a baby face. She sighed, waved her hand and said, Forget it.

Later, when the China Merchants Fair ended, the boy came after him. Li Mo? My name is Gu Ning. Im really embarrassed just now!

Gu Ning blushed slightly. He scratched his head and pointed to the work card hanging on her chest. Li Mo laughed and thought he was cute. Therefore, when Gu Ning proposed to add her Weixin, she did not refuse.

It seems that from that day on, Gu Ning began to be all right.

First, talk to her two times in three days, then turn around and invite her to dinner. Gu Ning had a good reason. He said, Dirty your clothes. Give me a chance to make amends.

So Li Mole happily went to the appointment on time.

The first formal meeting, the two people are not embarrassed, quite like the past.

Later, the reasons for Gu Nings invitation began to vary. More times, Li Mo was silly enough to notice Gu Nings carefulness. And she is also increasingly getting along with Gu Ning.

Later, the relationship between the two men was determined naturally.

The time of love is very sweet.

Gu Ning always thunders and thunders every morning and evening, and then collects all kinds of funny love videos to amuse Li Mo. He can accurately remember Li Mos taste, and even understand Li Mos desire to speak.

Once, Li Mo circled her friends: Recently, she wanted to eat crayfish. The next day, Gu Ning sent her a positioning of the crayfish shop in a tweet. He said, Take you after work.

In another chat, Li Mo inadvertently said that her feet were always cold. A few days later, Gu Ning bought an electric foot-soaking bucket to urge her to soak her feet every day.

For a long time, Li Mo was warmed by Gu Ning.


Li Mo can not extricate herself from the sweetness of love.

Until this sudden illness. That day, she was at work, and there was a colic in her right abdomen, which made her roll. She dialed Gu Nings phone in pain.

She said, Gu Ning, Im a little uncomfortable. Can you come and take me to the hospital?

Gu Ninghui said, Im not free now. You take a taxi. When Im busy, Ill go right away.

After arriving at the hospital, Li Mo was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. It was quickly pushed into the operating room. In the last second of the disappearance of anesthesia consciousness, she still fantasized that Gu Ning should be seen when she woke up.

As a result, Gu Ning did not appear until the second day after the operation.

He carried two bags of Li Mos favorite snacks in his hand and said with some regret, Im sorry, Im really busy.

Thats all right. You can accompany me. Li Mo was only happy, and did not pursue Gu Nings late arrival.

Only that day Gu Nings performance made her very chilly.

Because appendicitis surgery to get out of bed in time, need to exhaust, so as soon as free, Li Mo let Gu Ning carry her to the ground activities.

As a result, Gu Ning was impatient a few times.

In the afternoon, Gu Ning said, Just now I asked the doctor that you are a minor operation. Its not a big problem. You still have a good rest. Ill come back when Im free.

Li Mos face turned pale when she heard it, but she didnt say anything.

So far, Gu Ning has never appeared again.

Li Mo did not understand. Gu Ning was very kind to her before. Why did she get sick? Gu Ning became so?


My girlfriend helped Li Mo walk several times in the corridor.

Her sore forehead was sweating. My girlfriend said, Go back and rest first.

When they entered the ward, Uncle Liu next door warmly greeted Li Mo, Are you better?

She smiled and nodded. Just then, Uncle Liu suddenly turned around and supported Aunt Liu who was going to get up. Li Mo heard Aunt Liu say, Not so delicate, you see you are nervous.

The tone seemed strange, but it was sweet.

In such a situation, Li Mo could not help thinking of Gu Ning.

Gu Nings tone of conversation with her these days is very stiff. At the end of each chat, she always asks, When are you coming to see me? Gu Ning always replies that Im too busy to wait until Im free. Small surgery, dont be nervous.

The more Li Mo wanted to get angry, the more she could not help but hide in the bathroom and call Gu Ning: Do you not love me?

Gu Nington said, No.

Why dont you come to see me then? Is it difficult for you to take care of me? Im your girlfriend! Li Mo complained.

Gu Ning was impatient. I dont mean Im busy. Youre not neglected. Besides, its not a serious illness.

Gu Nings words like a basin of cold water will wake her up, she was stunned for a long time, word by word back: Gu Ning, you are a bastard. Then he slapped off the phone, gritted his teeth and cried in the bathroom for a long time.

In fact, she had coquetted and Gu Ning said this. At the beginning, Gu Nings pledge was as if he were in front of his eyes.

But now, she is only a minor operation, Gu Ning is like a big enemy. Sure enough, it is not unreasonable to say that there is no truth in front of the bed.

Yeah, how can there be so many people in the world who never leave? Moreover, it is human nature to seek profits and avoid disadvantages, and to fly separately in the face of great disasters.

However, how can a person who is really affectionate and meaningful to you and puts you on the top of his heart choose to disappear when you are in pain and ignore you?

Over the past few days, Uncle Liu has been at the bedside, making the bed for her, washing her feet, and carefully taking care of her diet. As long as Aunt was slightly uncomfortable, Uncle Liu was frightened to ask the doctor again and again.

It is also in such a scene. She understood what true love was.

A persons life is long, but its short. The happiest thing is that when I was sick, you still stayed with me. Nothing is better than replacing the gorgeous oath with the company of my whole life. Theres nothing better than sitting in a rocking chair and getting older.

This is probably the most fundamental protection and guardianship of love bar!

Li Mo wiped her tears, covered the wound and rose. Outside the stars were shining, and she breathed a long sigh.

At this time, if let her make a wish. For the rest of her life, she hoped that the boy who could wait silently for her in front of the hospital bed would appear earlier; then, she would hold his hand until their faces grew old.