A person loves you or not, in fact, you know best in your heart, please stop deceiving yourself.

 A person loves you or not, in fact, you know best in your heart, please stop deceiving yourself.

When one loves you

All his eyes are focused on you, and he refuses to leave for a moment. He will take the initiative to care about whether you are full or not and whether you are sleeping well. He will express the words I love you in every detail.

A person who really loves you, cant bear to see your tears, wont let you suffer a little grievance, no matter how difficult, he will stand by you without fear, and bear the malice of the world with you.

He will take the initiative to pay for you. No matter what he does, he will think of you at the first time, worry about you and care about you. He will give you all the good things when he sees the light in your eyes.

He looks at you in the eyes lost luster, replaced by the usual eyes, no matter what you share with him, he can not mention a bit of nature, he began not to care about what you are doing, not to mention your inner feelings.

A person who doesnt love you will gradually alienate the relationship with you, become polite, always find various reasons to refuse the opportunity to be alone with you, will shield your life circle, will gradually lose a smile, become indifferent.

When you find that a person is no longer active towards you, no longer concerned about you, no longer asking questions, then each other should not use camouflage to maintain their feelings.

We pursue love, want to one heart, white head is not separated. If you do not love, we must tell each other, if left, we must speak clearly.

Everyones life is bound to have many regrets, but the regret in love is that we do not know why love is not love.

But we always have to believe that in this lifetime, we will meet people who will not leave when they come there, and those who we loved but have no results, may the rest of our lives be well and do not disturb each other.