Which method of hair removal is the safest! The least pain! The most lasting effect!

 Which method of hair removal is the safest! The least pain! The most lasting effect!

u2014u2014 With little blood beads and thicker and more sturdy hairy roots

Hair removal cream?

Honey wax?

u2014u2014 It seems to take off completely, but its extremely sour.

At this moment, we can not sincerely lament the greatness of human beings, invented laser hair removal.

Finally, no more pain! The dream of smooth skin, not far from us!

But as soon as you study it, you will almost be confused:

Dont worry. Ill give you a detailed description today.

01/Laser Hair Removal

Mao Duo is Gods gift to you. Gender, race, and gene decide to send these hairs to protect you, such as armpit hair and what can actually help dissipate heat and reduce friction.

Its also androgens courtesy to you. You see, is it true that boys are more hairy than girls?

But if your hair grows vigorously because of polycystic ovary syndrome or other diseases, dont delay, go to the hospital quickly.

You may be thinking about ____________. Lao Tzu did not want to know. He had seen it for a long time and had exhausted his patience. He just wanted to know how to choose it.

But life, constantly accepting new knowledge to stimulate brain cells, can help delay Alzheimers disease... In fact, its a blind break.

When hair follicles grow in the dermis, you know that scrapers, depilatory ointments, honeywax and other methods can not fundamentally stop hair growth.

But laser hair removal is OK!

Laser teacher ancestral professional lock, home keys are particularly many, a variety of wavelength [1], specific values you do not need to remember, anyway, can not remember.

With the lock, the laser teacher can go directly to the melanin classmateshome without knocking.

The teacher took out the light test paper that melanin was most afraid of face to face. The melanin classmates were red-faced and hot all over.

Finally, Boom! Once.

The whole frying pan in the melanin classmates home was destroyed.

What is the relationship between melanin classmates and hair follicles?

If you have looked at your hair, you will find that the more you bare your arms and legs in summer, the thicker it will be, and the thinner it will be in winter.

This is because Mao Mao has his own temper. Like his distant relativeslawn, Mao Mao also has growing period, declining period and resting period.

Laser hair removal, is the role of hair growth, because during this period melanin, this kind of slag is particularly abundant.

If you have too much slag, the teacher can start the class.

Laser as a teacher, the teaching process is very safe, only targeted at the target containing a large amount of melanin, and will not destroy sweat glands and other students [2].

In addition, many laser teachers boast that their courses are permanent hair removal, but you know, no teacher can accompany you through life.

Over a period of time, the number of gross hair can be steadily reduced for a long time, but it does not mean that it will not be long.

02/Where is the advanced depilator in beauty parlor?

After watching this for a long time, finally, we finally got to the instrument part, friends, hold on!!!

First of all, introduce the common hair removal equipment in beauty parlors and hospitals.

Although there are many keys on the ancestor of laser teachers, they are actually monochrome light divided by wavelength. The teaching content of laser teachers of each wavelength is different.

Lets introduce it in terms of wavelength.

Long pulse ruby (694 nm):

The earliest laser teacher for hair removal mainly teaches students with white skin but black hair. But the teacher is old and not very bright. Now he is almost retired.

Recognized trump card teachers, long-term teaching effect is the best, very popular. Major in non-contact bald head and liquid nitrogen cooling system, safety, low risk of pain and heat damage, the only drawback is expensive.

Pulsed Semiconductor (LPDL) (800 nm) and Long Pulse NDYAG (1064 nm) Lasers:

Two teachers specialize in dark-skinned students, especially long-pulse teachers, who are known for their safety and sometimes for part-time treatment of varicose veins.

In fact, it has multi-color wavelength, mostly 400-1200 nm, which is milder than laser, but the effect is more abstruse.

With so many teachers, do you look dazzling?

The advantage of going to a hospital or beauty parlor is that you dont have to care. As long as you bring your wallet with you when you ask for it, a professional doctor will help you choose it, and it takes only a short time to get rid of it.

But to choose a reliable and regular organization, otherwise they are all in vain.

Beauty parlor is convenient, but there are BUG, that is, hair removal instrument can only take off the growth period of hair ah, after the end of treatment, may also grow some hair!

You have to get a card and keep charging, charging and charging.

At this time, the benefits of household hair remover come out.

03/How to compare three household depilators

Open a treasure, there are too many household hair removal devices on the market! Choose a flower eye is also unable to choose out.

First of all, it is safer to choose FDA approval.

Secondly, most of the instruments on the market are based on color light, including ELOS, which is also combined with IPL and RF (radio frequency, with beautiful skin rejuvenation effect).

I directly conclude that laser is the most effective [2], that is, a little more painful.

How to choose laser hair removal instrument for home use?

Wavelength (denoted by nm).

If you have darker skin, choose longer wavelength, reduce side effects, and if you are a white-skinned girl, you can choose shorter wavelength.

Energy density (energy density transport per unit area, see symbol J/cm?).

The higher the energy density is, the better the depilation effect may be.

But! It is also more painful and more likely to cause adverse reactions. For example, erythema and edema around hair follicles.

But its hard to say if its the first time you buy it.

But technology is improving, and now most household hair removal devices can adjust their energy according to their skin color.

The size of the spot (the diameter of the laser beam, usually expressed in mm).

The depilation effect of large spot size is better than that of small spot size.

Larger size can prevent laser beams from scattering beneath the skin and provide higher effective energy [1].

Focused people are always more successful! Unexpectedly realized the truth of life.

Of course, if its all over the body or big, its more convenient, just take off the lip hair and choose smaller size.~

The attention points and risks of domestic laser hair removal apparatus are also listed in [5]:

You must wear goggles when operating.

Our retinas also contain melanin, which can damage our retinas without proper protective tools.

Be careful! The goggles of different equipment are not universal.

Never do laser hair removal around the eyes. Its dangerous!

Seriously speaking!

Household hair removal equipment should be used regularly according to instructions (usually once a week or two in the initial stage).

Each hair has its own growth cycle, a bit like a hamster.

Strict sunscreen should be applied for at least 6 weeks before and after hair removal.

Get your umbrella and sunscreen out again!

Finally, the general risks of laser hair removal instrument are discussed.

Most importantly, it is easy to produce pigmentation after exposure to ultraviolet radiation [6].

Less common risks, such as research that laser hair removal devices may cause skin inflammation [7], or even cancer [8], are not well documented.

04/Beauty salon and how to choose hair removal at home

Girls who are not poor in money and afraid of trouble can go to regular hospitals or beauty parlors. The instruments are not only advanced, but also have higher energy and higher efficiency than household instruments.

Believe me, dont waste precious time on things that can be solved with money.

But pay attention to avoid pits, some irregular beauty parlors will say pulse hair removal as laser hair removal.

Household, there is also the difference between portable and non-portable.

In fact, I cant understand the meaning of portable money. Hair removal is a long-term process. It hasnt been taken off for so many years. Do you have to start when you go out? Uh huh?

Or go out for a meal with a friend and suddenly pull out a hair removal machine for the whole body?

The delicate girl is so extraordinary.

See if you think there will be advertisements, haha, really no!

Quickly for my rational, objective, drink the spirit of the Northwest Wind point a look!

In fact, autumn is a very suitable season for hair removal.

I wish every little lovely boy and Maomao Say goodbye as soon as possible. Next summer will be white and tender.~

The scientific nature and literature of this article have been examined by Zhao Yingxi, a doctoral candidate in clinical medicine at Oxford University.

Photo Designer: Wu Xiangquan.


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