British and European LeadersMeeting on Separation from Europe: Johnson did not propose a viable alternative

 British and European LeadersMeeting on Separation from Europe: Johnson did not propose a viable alternative

BEIJING, Sept. 16 (CNN) -- According to comprehensive reports, European Commission President Juncker and British Prime Minister Johnson met in Luxembourg on Sept. 16. After the meeting, the European Union said that Britain had not proposed any viable alternative to Northern Irelands safeguard clause in the agreement.

Source: British Prime Minister Johnson.

European Commission Chairman Juncker stressed that if Britain wished to cancel the safeguards clause, it would have the responsibility to propose a legitimate and viable solution, adding that such proposals have not yet been put forward.

The British government said on the 16th that Prime Minister Johnson and European Commission Chairman Juncker agreed that the talks need to be strengthened and that officials of the two countries will hold daily talks.

After their first face-to-face talks, the Prime Ministers office said: The leaders of both sides agreed that discussions needed to be intensified and that meetings would be held every day very soon.

It is reported that the working luncheon held in Luxembourg is the first meeting with Juncker since Johnson took office as British Prime Minister.

Earlier, a Downing Street source said Johnson would stress that he hoped to reach an agreement after the end of the EU Summit on October 18. But if it is impossible, he will refuse any delay and implement an agreement-free exit from Europe.

On September 9, the bill to prevent the non-agreement from leaving Europe came into force after it was signed by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The bill requires Johnson to write to the European Union and apply for a three-month postponement of the period until January 31, 2020, unless the British Parliament approves the agreement reached between the British Government and the European Union by October 19, or agrees to a non-agreement.

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