The 19-year-old girl in Weizhou Island contacted her classmates 10 minutes before she lost her union.

 The 19-year-old girl in Weizhou Island contacted her classmates 10 minutes before she lost her union.

Recently, two cases of disconnection of young female tourists occurred in Weizhou Island, Beihai, Guangxi, which aroused widespread concern.

On September 15, the police issued a circular saying that the search was still under way and that no final trace of two female tourists had been found.

As of September 16, Longqile, a 22-year-old girl from Yibin, Sichuan, had lost her Union for 15 days, and He Hongyu, a 19-year-old girl from Pingxiang, Jiangxi, had lost her Union for 22 days.

According to surveillance, He Hongyu left Weizhou Island (No. 53 Zitongmu Village) in Beihai at 20:23 p.m. on August 25, wearing a coat and hat. Four minutes later, at 20:27, He Hongyu appeared at the North Gate of the Western South China Sea Oil Company (base) near the Curtain Cliff of Weizhou Island. This is the final image record of He Hongyus appearance on Weizhou Island.

His high school classmate told the Litchi News that he Hongyu had contacted him through QQ on his mobile phone 10 minutes before he left home at 20:10.

I helped her pick up a courier before, and she kept in touch with me the same day, hoping to open the package for her to see, the whole situation is very anxious.

Classmate: Before losing the couplet, I missed that Pao studied Japanese by himself and liked Japanese literature.

The student said that he Hongyu had taken a package beside the school. On August 25, he asked He Hongyu if he wanted to come and get the package. He Hongyu responded, Should not take that express, no time to see.

When he said he could open it for her to see, He Hongyu said he hoped to open it now. She kept asking me intermittently this afternoon if I could take that package apart. She wanted to see what was in the package. She liked it very much.

I had no time that day. In the evening, I watched the game on the court. At the end of 20:10, she gave me an expression.

Students said that the package contained a book, which had disclosed the relevant information to relatives.

Because he Hongyu and he like Japanese animation literature together, the classmate and He Hongyu had more intersection. He Hongyu, he recalled, once taught himself Japanese and liked to read Japanese literature. He did not reveal the tendency of underage life, but some Japanese literature would be very negative, such as Tai Zai ZhisFailure in the World, which we have also seen.

As for the content of He Hongyu Weibos Hundred GhostsNight Travel published on August 15, the student said, This is a normal and normal drama. He also disclosed that she (Hongyu) is usually homeless and not very fond of going out. That day she said she planned to go out to play. I thought it was near school, but I didnt expect to go to the island.

Another student familiar with He Hongyu also disclosed to the Litchi News that on August 24, He Hongyu had told her that she would take a few days off to travel and that she was not alone and going to a closer place.

At the same time, the student said that she did not believe that she was a light student, she is usually more open-minded. He Hongyu also told her that 9.1 starts school.

Family members: Re-reading is his voluntary said to come back at the end of August to collect tuition fees

He Hongyus mother also received the news from her daughter on August 24, the day before she lost her couplet, tuition fee will be paid in September, I will go home at the end of August, you can give it to me again.

He Hongyus aunt disclosed that his mother did not know that she had decided to give up re-education to go to university, has received a notice from Jiangxi Engineering University. Re-study is also to take tuition fees, university is to take tuition fees, her mother did not think much about it.

My aunt also revealed that my parents were unaware of the trip. He Hongyus father works in Hunan and his mother works in a local factory. In mid-August this year, the family rented a room for her near the school and lived with a female classmate. He Hongyu usually reviewed her lessons in the rental room. Before receiving the call from the police, the family didnt even know that she had gone to Weizhou Island in Beihai alone.

Some netizens read He Hongyus micro-blog and found that the girl had praised the micro-blog about family education. Is the family giving too much pressure?

Aunt He Hongyu told Lychee News that her family never forced the girl to read again. I even advised her that if it wasnt for the key 985 college, the ordinary undergraduate course would be almost the same in the eyes of personnel, and there was no need to repeat it. But she still wants to go to Chongqing Medical University. Children have ambition, and we have no objection.

My aunt said there were many doubts about the contents of the suicide note and the information exposed at present. The suicide note says that since the age of ten, there has been a longing for death. Would a ten-year-old child think of such a thing? And she always mentions that her time is too late. What on earth is she rushing for?

Aunt said, The parents of the children are more honest, suspicions exposed by the suicide note and monitoring have not been paid attention to. When I looked at it, I became suspicious. Later, I became more alert when I saw that 22-year-old teacher Long Qile was also lost in Weizhou Island.

Media analysis: similarities between the two girls are questioned on many islands

With the fermentation of the disconnection of two female tourists in Weizhou Island, the media also sorted out many similarities between the two girls.

Litchi News, Red Star News, Pear Video and other media reports found that the two girls are similar in these places at present.

First, they are all young women.

Second, they all buy tickets in Come and swim and board the island after arriving in the Beihai Sea by train.

Third, they all go out at 8 oclock on Sunday night.

Fourth, at home are more residential;

Fifth, there are short-term plans before the incident: He Hongyu is going to re-study high school for the college entrance examination in 2020, and Longqile is going to study adult education to improve her academic qualifications;

Sixth, they all like animation.

Uncle Long Qile told Litchi News that the family had returned to Kunming from Beihai because there was no progress. It was only before boarding the plane that I saw the information of another girls disconnection. From the information of the current cases, the connection between the two is limited.

Litchi News understands that the exposure of hotel business has been affected by the successive loss of female tourists in Weizhou Island, and the travel safety of Weizhou Island has also been questioned.

An Islander told Lychee News that there were very few criminal cases on the island and the villagers were relatively simple. However, the islands infrastructure is backward and monitoring equipment is scarce.

For access to Weizhou Island, the islanders revealed that in addition to taking official ships off the island, they can also take sea planes. There used to be a black boat owner soliciting passengers near the passenger port. This year, the police attacked the private boats severely. It was difficult to enter and leave the island through the black boat after the severe crackdown.

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