2. Tourists losing their connection in Weizhou Island are strengthening the investigation and prevention of such incidents.

 2. Tourists losing their connection in Weizhou Island are strengthening the investigation and prevention of such incidents.

According to Weizhou Island Tourist District Management Committee official micro-news, recently, two tourists lost contact in Weizhou Island, Weizhou Island Tourist District Management Committee and the public security organs are continuing to search and investigate, trying to find out, so far no two lost tourists have been found. If you have relevant clues, please provide them in time, and remind tourists to pay attention to safety when they travel.

On August 23, 2019, Jiangxi tourist He Moumou (female, 18 years old, Pingxiang native of Jiangxi) started from Pingxiang and went to Weizhou Island by boat on August 24. On the evening of August 25, he lost contact with a hotel in Zitongmu Village, Weizhou Island. Police found Dont waste resources looking for me and other contents in the hotel room where they stayed. On August 30, 2019, Sichuan tourist Longmou (22-year-old female, from Cunxian County, Sichuan Province) set out from Kunming and took a boat trip to Weizhou Island on August 31. After leaving a hotel in Xijiao Village, Weizhou Island on September 1, she lost contact. From the chat content of Longmou with his mother and netizens, the police suspected that he had the idea of being light.

After the incident, the administrative committee of Weizhou Island Tourism Area set up a working group at the first time, and organized the public security organs to dispatch the police promptly, collect and monitor the investigation along the way, visit and inquire the relevant personnel, and organized more than 30 police forces to carry out search and investigation; at the same time, launched the Guangxi Blue Sky Rescue Team, Beihai Marine Search and Rescue Volunteers Association, and diving public. More than 70 people from the Department, fishermen and other non-governmental forces participated in the search, and mobilized the people and businesses on the island to publish inspiration in the Wechat Group, Friendship Circle, Weibo and so on. They searched for clues in many ways, but so far they have not found two lost tourists. At present, public security organs and civilian rescue forces are still searching. The Weizhou Island Tourist District Management Committee has also strengthened its investigation throughout the island to prevent such incidents from happening again. At the same time, it has maintained close contact with the public security organs, and the results of the search and investigation will be announced to you in time. Although two female tourists have been lost for many days, we have not given up and are still searching for them. If you have any clues, please contact the public security organs in time. Contact person: Officer Mo, tel: 0779-6012025, 13677794205.

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