The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which pushed Taiwan to the brink of war, was approved to win elections by all means.

 The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which pushed Taiwan to the brink of war, was approved to win elections by all means.

Overseas Network, Sept. 16, according to radio media reports, Sun Daqian, a former Kuomintang legislator, recently bombarded the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to win next years leadership election in Taiwan, trying every means to push Taiwan to the brink of war.

Sun Daqian wrote in Facebook that you Xikun, the former president of Taiwans administration, shouted Taiwan-US diplomatic relations, which showed that Taiwan should be sent to the United States as a weapon. It is the people of Taiwan who have suffered the most. The DPP only wants to win the leadership election in Taiwan in 2020, and it can still eat and drink spicy food (regardless of the people of Taiwan).

In Facebook, Sun Daqian asked Wang Dingyu, the Democratic Progressive Partys legislator who wanted Taiwan to join the Pacific Rim military exercise in the United States, Can the Democratic Progressive Party really go to such a point by any means in order to win the election? Would it be better for the people of Taiwan to risk wiping away the fire at all costs?

In response, Taiwan netizens said, Taiwan people do not want war. People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait live happily. Taiwan people want to live a stable life and avoid the fear of war. Instead, Cais English authorities failed to do so. Instead, they provoked cross-strait tensions. The DPP could not sacrifice peoples lives and property for the purpose of elections. Taiwan people did not allow this. Nonsense.

And Taiwans netizens angrily criticized the DPP authorities for using fraud to manipulate elections is Taiwans shame!

Some netizens never forget the recent falsification of Cais English theses, which was heated by public opinion on the island. They satirize that Cais English will win for his doctorate ~!

Taiwan Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang

(function () {(window. slotbydup = window. slotbydup | []). push ({id:6374560, container:ssp_6374560, size:300,250, display:inlay-fix, async: true});} (); in response to the DPPs repeated calls for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States, National Taiwan Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang once said: Listening to this, I feel that this is a dreamer, saying Its a dream talk. For dream talk, its probably not worth further comment by the speaker. Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850