Australian Media: Solomon Islands Prime Minister said Taiwan is of no use to us

 Australian Media: Solomon Islands Prime Minister said Taiwan is of no use to us

The news that Solomon Islands may have severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan authorities has been circulating for months. Although Solomon Islands has yet to declare a break-up, Australian media reported on the 10th that Manasseh Sogavare, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, said, Taiwan is of no use to us. In response, the Australian media claimed that this was the strongest sign of breaking off diplomatic relations, and netizens on the island also said ironically: Didnt some people swear that diplomatic relations would not last?

The Australian newspaper reported on September 10, local time, that the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Menaci Sogavale, had recently declared that Taiwan is of no use to us (Taiwanis completelyuselesstous). Sogavale also said that mainland China could become a better diplomatic partner because mainland China could compete with Australia.

The Australian newspaper reported that Sogavale made this statement when he was on a program with Graeme Smith, Australias national expert on Pacific and China. His original words at that time were, Unlike Taiwan, China (the mainland) can provide support without having to submit to Australia. To be honest, Taiwan is useless to us when it comes to economy and politics.

The report titled The Pacific Island State Bank Will Break Relations with Taiwan said that Sogavales statement was the strongest sign that the country was ready to break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and establish diplomatic relations with the mainland of China so far.

The report also mentioned that in May this year, members of Parliament from Guadalcanal and Maleta said that they would give Sogavale six months to transfer diplomatic relations to the mainland of China, otherwise they would launch a distrust case against the government.

As soon as the news in the Australian newspaper came out, the Taiwan authorities began to respond forcibly. According to Taiwanese media reports, Taiwans Foreign Ministry spokesman Ou Jiangan and Taiwans Foreign Ministry believe that Prime Minister Sogavales comments do not reflect the overall situation of Taiwan-Sogavale relations at present. They also say that Taiwans Solomon institutions continue to communicate closely with Prime Minister Sogavale.

Nevertheless, some netizens in the island satirized that it was good to break. Others say that the notion of a diplomatic state has hardly been heard of.

Others said ironically: Didnt some people swear that diplomatic relations would not last?

In fact, since the beginning of this year, the news that Solomon Islands intends to break off diplomatic relations with the Taiwan authorities has been constantly emerging. Although Wu Zhaoxie, Taiwans Foreign Minister, recently said on a visit to Taiwan by Solomon Islands officials that their interaction in Taiwan is of great significance to deepening Taiwan-Soviet friendship, Taiwans China Times satirized this statement by saying that Taiwans foreign affairs departments may be blowing slogans to bolster themselves in the middle of the night.

In response to the so-called Taiwan-Soviet Relations, Taiwan Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang responded at a regular press conference on September 11 that adhering to the one-China principle is the norm of international relations and the general consensus of the international community. It is the choice of the vast majority of countries to conform to the trend of the times. At present, we have established and maintained diplomatic relations with 178 countries, and this trend will continue to develop.

Sound exposure of Solomon Islands Senior Officials Meeting: Its time to make new friends

On Sept. 2, foreign media just revealed that Solomon Islands could break off diplomatic relations with the Taiwan authorities as soon as this week. Reuters on Sept. 5 also exposed the recordings of a meeting of its senior official and member of Parliament, Peter Shanel Agovaka, saying that the country intends to make a change and that new diplomatic relations will involve recognizing only Beijing as a legitimate government.u2018 One China policy.