A 1-year-old boy who grabbed a hot water bottle and caused extensive scald is not out of danger for his life

 A 1-year-old boy who grabbed a hot water bottle and caused extensive scald is not out of danger for his life

Just over 1 year old boy (pseudonym) is cute and cute, is the heart treasure of parents, but unexpectedly, accidental injuries suddenly occurred. Because accidentally grabbed the floor of the warm water bottle, small body large area of severe burns, has not yet been out of danger of life.

Every dressing change is tearing my heart and lungs.

On September 11, a small boy with big eyes was lying on the bed of burn department of Xian Central Hospital, covered with gauze. Because of the infection, he still had a high fever. Every dressing change, tearing heart and lungs cry, let the family with tears.

The accident happened more than 7 a.m. on September 8. Bian Shifu, Tongtongs father, said that his family was in Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City. At that time, he went to the bathroom. His wife was cooking in the kitchen. Originally, the water bottle was on the case board. She put it on the floor at random. Unexpectedly, the child suddenly climbed over. The ignorant child grabbed the water bottle at random. In an instant, the water bottle fell to the ground, almost the whole bottle of boiling water. In this way, it poured on the children wearing short sleeves, who cried because of pain. They quickly picked up the child and sent it to the hospital in Tongchuan, but because the scald area was too large and the injury was too serious, the doctor handled it simply and suggested that it be transferred for treatment. In this way, I finally arrived at a hospital in Xian in the afternoon.

The area of severe scald reached 36%.

Not yet out of danger of life

At first sight, the chief physician of the burn and plastic surgery department in the hospital felt very distressed. The child was only one year old, young and fragile, but the injury was particularly serious. When he first came to the hospital, he cried a lot. After examination, the child burns many parts, the area reaches 36%, the wound is deep, most of them are serious secondary or tertiary scalds, the wound has been infected, fever occurs every day, at present, there is no escape from life danger, if the infection aggravates, causing shock, the consequences will be very serious. The stabilization period is about half a month, and then debridement and skin grafting are needed if necessary according to the condition of the wound. After the wound heals, anti-scar treatment is needed. The whole treatment will take at least one month and the cost will be relatively high.

There are especially many burned children between the ages of 1 and 2. Parents must pay attention to learning first aid methods after accidents. Guo Xiaowei said that there are many scalded children in Kelis hospital. Children aged 1 to 2 still dont understand anything. They are curious and may move when they see anything. Therefore, parents must pay attention to safety and never leave their children. If once scalded by boiling water, it should be rinsed with cold water immediately. The sooner the better, the tap water can be. Rinse with cold water within 5 minutes can alleviate the injury. Rinse after 5 minutes can obviously alleviate the pain. Then apply the wound with clean sheets and so on to protect the wound. Be careful not to rub off the blister skin, smear soy sauce and sesame oil. These are all wrong.

The family is poor.

Not enough for medical expenses

Master Bian told reporters that he was confused when the accident happened. Before, he heard the old people in the village say that they could not use cold water to flush hot water, which would cause inflammation. So he did not deal with it scientifically in time. Now he regrets it too much. Three or four days of hospitalization have spent nearly 20,000 yuan. I am a poor household in the village and have no income source. Now I have encountered such a thing again. On the one hand, I am distressed by my children, on the other hand, I am distressed by the cost of treatment, and I can not sleep overnight.

Bian Shifus village in Bian Yin, Yaoqu Town, Yaozhou District, is located in a mountainous area with inconvenient traffic. Both husband and wife have no cultural and income sources. His wife is still sick for a long time and has a hard life. The old house in the village was demolished because it is a poor household. The government took care of the 70 square meters of the new house in the town and moved in at the end of April. Having lived for several months, I came across such an accident again. Although the child had joint treatment, he consulted the hospital medical insurance department, saying that according to the regulations, he had to pay the medical fee first, and then get the bills back to the local reimbursement after discharge, but the cost of at least 100,000 yuan this month can not come up at all. Ask everybody to help, save the child! Looking at the children struggling in pain, Master Bian couldnt help choking.

If you want to help this poor child, please contact Master Bian at 15129574023.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Business Daily: Chengyu_NBJ11143