How do new workers solve housing problems? Nearly 90percent of graduates choose joint rent

 How do new workers solve housing problems? Nearly 90percent of graduates choose joint rent

In September, the newly graduated college students have stepped into jobs one after another, and housing has become the first problem to be solved. How do college graduates live? How much would you like to pay for it?

Recently, the Peoples Network Public Opinion Data Center, Eggshell Apartment and FutureNet released the Blue Book for College Graduates to Rent in Beijing. Blue paper shows that more than 90% of the graduates who are employed in first-tier cities and new-tier cities choose to rent houses to solve the housing problem, while the average rent level in these cities is generally high, and the annual influx of new job seekers promotes the housing rental market to a certain extent.

Where does the money come from? Survey data show that 60% of college graduates said they could pay rent on their own income instead of gnawing old. However, recent graduates are highly sensitive to the change of rent price, and 85% of them take rent level as the primary consideration when renting a house. At the same time, the expected rent of fresh students is significantly lower than the market price, and the expected monthly rent of more than 90% of new students is significantly lower than their net monthly income. Only 5% of graduates can accept the rent of more than 3000 yuan per month. With low income and rent, nearly 90% of the graduates choose to share rent to effectively reduce the cost of renting and share the pressure of rent.

Over a period of time, market chaos such as black intermediaries and false housing sources has appeared, and studentsawareness of risk aversion and rights protection has been strengthened. Data show that two-thirds of the new students look for housing resources through regular platforms. More than half of the new students will carefully check the relevant provisions when signing rental contracts to avoid text traps and overlord clauses. In addition, a considerable proportion of the current studentsunions evade rental risks and safeguard their legitimate rights by clarifying fees and payment methods, understanding in advance the matters needing attention for rent refund, and carefully checking housing conditions. More and more freshmen use the Internet as the main channel to obtain rental information. Nearly 80% of freshmen use the Internet and mobile applications to obtain housing information.

What are the most important factors for college students to rent houses? Blue paper shows that rent and affordability are the primary factors. Transportation convenience is the second most important consideration for graduates when renting a house. More than 70% of the new graduates choose to rent a house in the urban area in order to be as close as possible to the workplace. Housing with convenient transportation and short commuting time is more favored by recent graduates. In addition, although it is rental, but the post-95 workplace newcomers are not willing to make do with it. The aesthetic standards of decoration and decoration also have a significant impact on the rental preference of graduates. More than half of the freshmen think that the rental housing should be decorated according to the standard of their families. More than 80% of the freshmen are willing to invest money in the renovation and decoration of the rental housing, but less than 30% of the freshmen are willing to pay more than 1000 yuan for it.

Source: Liable Editor of Overseas Edition of Peoples Daily: Chengyu_NBJ11143