The price of Maotai liquor dropped to 2100 yuan? Dealer: Give me 10,000 tons at this price.

 The price of Maotai liquor dropped to 2100 yuan? Dealer: Give me 10,000 tons at this price.

On September 11, there was an online rumor that Beijing Cattles purchase price of Maotai (52 degree Feitian Maotai liquor in 500 ml) fell from 2650 yuan to 2100 yuan, triggering a panic in the market: whether the price of Maotai liquor peaked in the short term.

By the end of the market, Maotai (600519) in Guizhou had fallen 4.83%, the biggest one-day decline since May 7. The closing price was 1069.52 yuan per share, and the market value had evaporated nearly 70 billion yuan. The whole liquor sector has also undergone a substantial adjustment today, with Luzhou Laojiao (000568), Wuliangye (000858) and Jiuguijiu (000799) falling by more than 5% collectively.

On Sept. 11, a Pengchao journalist told a Maotai dealer in Beijing about the situation. He said that the price is indeed falling. Some people take advantage of the opportunity to buy at a low price, so the price is very low, but Beijing has not heard that someone is selling at 2100 yuan.

The distributor also said that the retail price of Maotai terminal has fallen, and Feitian Maotai with a retail price of 2599 yuan can be purchased at Yonghui Supermarket in Beijing.

According to the statistics from the wine industry, the price of Feitian Maotai in Beijing is about 2600 yuan.

Some analysts believe that the purchase price of Maotai liquor by Beijing Yellow Cattle may have fallen from 200 to 300 yuan, but not to 550 yuan. Maybe it is because some people compare the purchase price of bulk and whole goods. The original purchase price of bulk goods is only 2,300 yuan, even if it falls to 2,100 yuan, the decline is more than 200 yuan. The purchase price of the whole package is higher, if it is compared with the bulk price of 2100 yuan, the price difference will be larger.

Although the official retail price of Maotais 52-degree Feitian Maotai for 500 ml is 1499 yuan, due to the shortage of supply and the stockpiling of some merchants, the circulation price of this high-grade Maotai liquor among distributors has long exceeded 2000 yuan, and the retail price of terminals such as e-commerce and supermarkets is higher.

According to the statistics from the winemakers in the media, the current batch price of Feitian Maotai in various places (the unit price of the whole box) is about 2400 yuan in Shenzhen, 2500 yuan in Nanchang, 2400 yuan in Zhengzhou, 2500 yuan in Chengdu, 2600 yuan in Guangzhou and 2600 yuan in Beijing.

An analyst in the securities industry told Pengchao that the price was basically accurate.

Many dealers disdain the purchase price of 2100 yuan quoted by some scalpers.

A Hangzhou dealer said frankly that this was false news. The dealer said, If Maotai has 2100 yuan, let him bring me 10,000 tons. Our dealers have a group, not the price at all. According to the distributor, the wholesale price of Feitian Maotai in Hangzhou is more than 2600 yuan, and the retail price often exceeds 3000 yuan.

A Shanghai dealer in Maotai also said that the purchase price of cattle can not be used as a reference. The distributor said that all the cattle purchased were scattered Maotai bought by consumers, which had no reference significance. Whether the price of Maotai fell or not depends on the price situation after the festival.

According to several Maotai dealers in Shanghai, the wholesale price of Maotai in Shanghai is about 2600 yuan, and the retail price is over 2800 yuan. A liquor store located in Jingan District of Shanghai has a selling price of 2888 yuan.

From the point of view of e-commerce platform, Maotai prices remain at a high level. The price of Maotai on Jiuxian Net is around 2788 yuan, while the price of Maotai on Jingdong Platform varies from 2965 yuan to 3299 yuan.

Cai Xuefei, liquor analyst, pointed out that according to his understanding, there is no significant price decline in Anhui, Henan, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. But Cai Xuefei predicts that Feitian Maotais price decline should be the trend.

Cai Xuefei said: Firstly, the overall price of Maotai is still too high, so it is estimated that it will fall a little bit; secondly, the Guizhou provincial government has made clear that it hopes that Maotai will maintain a reasonable price; the third distributor sees that the price has risen so high this year, and by the second half of the year, everyone will want to go out and the price will be a little lower.

A Beijing dealer also pointed out that the fall of Maotai in Beijing was affected by many factors, such as volume, strict control, merchants overstocking.

Prior to this, Rule Maotai Liquor Sales Company issued a tender announcement, granting the quota of 400 tons of Feitian Maotai to Huarun Wanjia, Kangcheng Investment and Wumei Technology respectively. That is to say, in the second half of the year, the market added 400 tons of Maotai liquor at the average price of 1499 yuan per bottle.

On August 7 this year, Maotai Group also announced that 7,400 tons of Maotai liquor will be put into the market on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to better meet the consumption demand in the peak season of the festival. Compared with previous years, this year, Maotai Group increased the number of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day before the launch. In 2017, Maotai decided to put 6,200 tons of products into production before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day; on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, Maotai planned to put in at least 7,000 tons of Maotai liquor before the Spring Festival; and before the Double Festival in 2018, Maotai launched 7,000 tons incremental plan.

On September 1, this year, the Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau issued the Notice of Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau on Publicly Collecting Illegal and Violatory Clues in Maotai Liquor Market Area (No. 103, 2019). In order to severely crack down on all kinds of illegal and illegal acts that disturb the market order of Maotai Liquor and maintain a good market order, (expensive) The Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau solicits clues of violation of laws and regulations in Maotai liquor market from all walks of life and the broad masses of the people.

The scope of clue collection includes:

(1) Illegal and irregular acts of hoarding and curiosity, driving up prices, increasing prices, transferring sales and illegal tying sales in Maotai liquor market;

(2) The illegal act of manufacturing and selling counterfeit Maotai liquor;

(3) Malicious buying and selling of Maotai liquor for improper interests of the sales units and individuals;

(4) Maotai liquor false advertising, deception, misleading consumers and other illegal acts that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers;

(5) Other illegal acts that disrupt the order of Maotai liquor market.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143