The Collection of Westbound Chronicles Westbound Team Hot-blooded Seeking for the Truth and Moving the World

 The Collection of Westbound Chronicles Westbound Team Hot-blooded Seeking for the Truth and Moving the World

Journey to the West has a breakthrough role setting, a unique world outlook, and a warm-blooded feeling of righteousness, all bring a new journey to the West experience to the audience. After the first season broadcast, it quickly collected a large number of loyal fans, scored 8.0 on Douban, and became a representative work of hard core country manga in the hearts of countless people.

In the expectation of countless audiences, The Collection of Westbound Chronicles can be described as the beginning of a thousand calls. Four ahead of time screenings, the boom and the reputation of burning are impressive. Yesterday in Shenzhen, senior vice president of Tencent Film Industry, chief producer of West Travel Ji animation Chen Fei, senior vice president of Tencent Film Industry and chief planner of West Travel Ji animation Gao Li, CEO of Bai Anime Culture Liao Rongaluminum made emotional speeches, expressing their confidence in the works: quality surpasses previous works, and innovative power of top-quality animation IP in China. Full, look forward to the audiences after the screening test. Journey to the West animation director Mai Zhengle came to Shenzhen to have face-to-face exchanges with fans after Guangzhou and Beijing venues. He even called on fans to leave Tencent videos for him to interact with each other, and sincerely expressed that he would watch every item.

Subsequently, the main creative team and the well-known sound vinegar and vinegar airborne interaction, play dubbing contest, select the westbound brocade carp and share the creative initiative, multiple welfare successive let the audience cheer constantly. At the same time, it also touched the hearts of many people about the emotional resonance of guardianship and redemption, recalling those unforgettable moments with Journey to the West or blood boiling, or tears filled eyes.

The Westbound Team has undergone a vicissitudes of emotional and righteous adversity to seek truth

The Collection of Journey to the West continues the main setting of the warm-blooded journey to the West and the spiritual core of the original heart of justice. On this basis, taking the death of Wukong as a turning point, it extends a journey of returning the classic with breaking and standing, feeling and meaning. Unlike the way in which the white wolf is used as the plot clue to start the just Westward Journey in the first season, the ups and downs of the plot in this season are more tangled and delicate. It tells a story about the process of losing, finding, redeeming and starting again.

Sun Wukong, whose light had faded, disappeared without trace. Tang Sanzang, full of guilt, was determined not to fear hardships and dangers to find his apprentices. Can the wandering westbound team break through its confusion under severe adversity? After justice is gathered, before redemption is reborn, go to the West for yourself! Since September 11, the Collection of Journey to the West has been officially launched and updated every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Warm-blooded memory, unsealing and restarting, justice going westward, vigorous attack!

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952